Company Profile

Uncompromising, customer-centric, transparent

At Rocky Real Estate, we have been at the cutting edge of the business for over four decades. We began with the rudimentary beginnings of this market and have been part of its evolution, witnessing enormous change along the way. Today, we have emerged as a leading name in real estate with the benefit of past experience as well as the advantage of future vision.

We are known for our uncompromising value system, ethical and transparent operations, and for being customer oriented. Our knowledge enables us to identify the right opportunities for customers. And our expertise helps them navigate the sometimes daunting process of buying, selling or leasing property. With a commitment that is complete and undiluted, we have been able to retain our position of leadership in a sector that is as volatile as it is unpredictable. Aided, in no small measure, by vast reserves of customer trust and goodwill.

Our Teams

We handpick our people for their knowledge levels, commitment to deliver and outstanding customer skills. They come with an unmatched understanding of the market and their familiarity with processes is upgraded periodically. The teams are trained by seniors seasoned in their craft, and given frequent orientations in a business that demands being savvy on the street and being suave in the boardroom.

Our Approach

We are driven by solutions and committed to customer delight. We begin by understanding your needs first, and then launch into a research-based search. Quick to adapt and evolve, we integrate the latest strategies with time-tested customer orientation. Our combination of experience and expertise, coupled with the resourcefulness of our teams, results in maximizing every opportunity and in delivering value addition of the highest order.

Our delivery

  • Largest bank of properties across commercial and residential
  • Solutions in buying, selling and leasing
  • Property search, through evolved algorithms and advanced search criteria
  • Property management of international standards
  • Experienced, proven advisors and consultants
  • Expert advice on finance and legal

Our Credentials

Key Facts:

  • 650 + Buildings managed and rented
  • 35,000 + units rented till date
  • AED 6.25 Billion worth of property sold till date
  • AED 8.75 Billion worth of property rented till date
  • 1976 – More than 4 decades of Experience
  • 1000s of properties listed on property portals

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