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Peace of mind for landlords 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

We’re running at 95.8% occupancy rate for our managed portfolio of leasing units.

Find quality tenants, keep them happy and entrust the assurance of being a full-time landlord to us. Enjoy all the benefits of leasing and complete property management services. Benefit from the following services to maximize your return of investment.


At Rocky Real Estate, we have dedicated Property Administrators who are responsible to manage your property, reporting to the Portfolio Manager. Our Property Administrators are highly experienced in administration, and possess outstanding management and communication skills. Their expertise includes tenant relations, handling complaints and resolving maintenance-linked queries.

Property Inspection & Maintenance

Quarterly inspections are carried out by the Quality Assurance Managers along with regular administration checks, to ensure that all aspects of the property are of the highest standard. 

We would arrange for such maintenance to be undertaken in a professional manner. The repairs will be effectively monitored for quality and the work will be carried out in a manner so as to cause as little inconvenience to tenants as possible.

The Property Administrator conducts inspections, internal and external, which are highly detailed to highlight any maintenance issues that need urgent attention.


Our brand equity has been superior owing to our extensive marketing efforts. This includes our network of agents, advertisements in leading dailies, and promotion of our property listing on our website and through e-mailers.

Lease Management & Rent Collections

All lease records are maintained by the Property Administrator, along with the details of lease commencement and expiry, and are updated regularly. Renewal alerts are programmed into our dedicated software management system and are intimated to customers on a regular basis. The Property Administrator is the single point of contact, and he forwards all requests received to the owners for their consent. These requests are accompanied by information about the tenant, and our own observations/recommendations to enable faster decision making by the owner.

Financial Management & Reporting

As part of our services, we prepare complete accounting records, including all financial transactions, payments and receipts, cash reconciliation, funds supplied for management, direct payments, disbursements, direct banking, commission schedules and arrears, if any. All reports would be submitted periodically on all leases, management and accounting aspects of the property in the format the owner requires.

Emcredit – Tenant Selection

Emcredit is a big step towards the solution of finding the right tenant. This service is approved by the Government of Dubai and information is sourced in co-operation with the databases of Dubai Police, the Public Prosecution Departments and Financial Institutions

Banking Services

All rental cheques will be collected and deposited into the Property Owner’s account by our Property Administrator. A full statement is maintained of all the cheques deposited. Returned cheques, if any, would be taken up immediately with the tenant concerned and appropriate legal action will be taken if deemed necessary.

Legal Assistance

Our preferred legal experts will assist you with any liaison work with the Municipality, DEWA, Civil Defense, the Rent Committee, the Police and Etisalat – all to make sure that property owners are fully protected.

  • Up-to-the-minute record of properties
  • Complete client profile management
  • Visits from viewing to possession
  • Follow-ups with clients after viewing
  • Written offers and communication
  • Viewing reports and reviews
  • Updated leasing rates, market advice and recommendations
  • Paperwork, payment and liaison
  • Condition Report before occupation
  • Records of handover and maintenance 

We pride ourselves on our achievements after years of dedicated service to humanity in the world of Real Estate in Dubai. Today we have a reputation of being a renowned Real Estate Agency in providing impeccable services in all aspects of Real Estate Brokerage and Investment Consultancy in Dubai. With over three decades of unchallenged expertise in residential, commercial and investment opportunities, today Rocky Real Estate has become the pioneers in Asset Management. Extensive market knowledge, intense networking and seasoned professionals who keep abreast with the global trends have established us as a reliable and reputed agency in Dubai today.

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