Renting property

If you are not planning to buy property anytime soon, renting it out is a great option. Be it residential or commercial, there are plenty of properties in strategic locations that are ideal for you. All you need to do is choose.

Property options

Do you need residential, commercial or mixed use property? You can take advantage of our in-depth expertise across all sectors in Dubai. From an apartment or villa, a standalone office or a whole floor for yourself, or even staff accommodation, we have a range of options ready and available. You just have to move in!

Location options

We understand that you need choices in location too. Traffic, and proximity to conveniences like schools and shopping centres are kept in mind when we scout and source property. Our property solutions are complete in themselves – we do the running around, so you do not have to.

Budget options

Our properties come in a range of budgets as well. As you can see, it is a combination of all these factors that culminate in the right property solution for you. Not only do you need all conveniences, you also need them within your budget. Our experienced agents will work out the permutations and combinations, and make it happen for you.

Next steps

View the shortlisted properties. This reduces the confusion in your mind as well as takes you closer to a decision. While viewing, bring along the measurements of your furniture. That way you will know what fits in where. If it is a pre-furnished space, ask for the furniture inventory. Check the condition of the maintenance. Ensure that you are satisfied with every part of the property.

If you are happy with what you saw, make an offer to the landlord. On mutual agreement of the terms, submit the relevant documents to us. We will take it from there, and prepare the contract. Do check the details in the contract and ensure that every item is as agreed by you and the landlord. Upon your confirmation, do sign it and make the payment. Once the contract is registered, make sure you get the Ejari.

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