3 Important tips for Worry-Free Property Search

By Rocky Real Estate

3 Important tips for Worry-Free Property Search

Picking the correct property can be a time consuming task.

Here are 3 important tips to make it a hassle free process:

1. Deal with credible Real Estate Company

Numerous listings from various real estate companies are already a challenge. Every broker must be registered with RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency), the regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department. RERA protects the rights of property buyers and sellers making sure that all our legally- compliant. Dealing with RERA Brokers can turn into a long-term business relationship where both parties will benefit financially.

2. Check if the property listing is genuine

An important factor, the listing of the property should be thoroughly checked, including the necessary background checks needed.

The new regulations, issued by RERA requires brokers and agents to submit proof of ownership documents and permit from landlords who are leasing or selling properties before issuing any property announcements or ads through print, radio and social media. With this rule, customers can now identify which are legit or campaign-driven ads only. No time is wasted.

3. Look for the right real estate company to look after your needs

Real Estate companies can offer unique insights and experience when finding a residential property, especially if you are undecided on your choices or have zero knowledge on what Dubai Real Estate can offer.


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