Property Safe During Summer

5 Tips To Keep Your Property Safe During Summer

By Rocky Real Estate

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5 Tips To Keep Your Property Safe During Summer

Without proper maintenance, extremely high temperatures can cause a range of problems for residential, commercial, and luxury property Dubai. Whether you’re staying at home or leaving your property to go on a vacation, it is important that you take precautions to keep your property in top shape during the hottest months.

Below are some tips on how you can keep your property safe during summer.

Check for leaks

Be sure to check for any leaks in your ventilation units, as well as gaps in your windows or door cracks where hot air can quickly enter. Keep in mind that the hot air entering your home can cause the temperature to increase, nullifying the cold temperature created by your air-conditioning unit. If you detect any gaps or leaks in your apartment for rent in Downtown Dubai, be sure to have them fixed immediately to avoid causing further damage.

Schedule AC maintenance services

Before the heat becomes too unbearable, reach out to your handyman or trusted service provider for property management Dubai to have your AC unit checked. This is also a good opportunity to perform some maintenance for the AC unit in your property to make sure that the unit is working properly, as well as check for any signs of wear or damage.

Get pest control services

Pests like cockroaches, ants, and fruit flies usually come out in droves during summer. Save yourself from the trouble of trying to squash them or drive them out of your home when they start coming for your food items. Organize an appointment to get some pest control done in your villa for rent in Dubai.

Know the right temperature

Knowing the right temperature is one of the key ways to keep your home safe without having your electricity bill skyrocket. It is highly recommended that you set your thermostat at 24 degrees Celsius or higher. Raising the temperature slightly during the summer can help lower bills and give your AC units a break from the high-power setting.

Always be prepared for emergencies

Even if you take precautions to avoid any damages or issues with the various systems in your home, there are instances where emergency maintenance is required. Familiarize yourself with the location of the switches or control for the various systems in your home, making it easier to switch them on/off when you sense anything unusual, or detect signs of malfunction or damage.

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