Advantages of having a property manager

By Rocky Real Estate

Benefits of the landlord with a property manager

Advantages of having a property manager

Having a property manager from a reputed firm can prove to be quite advantageous when it comes to leasing or renting property in Dubai.


Here are the benefits that a landlord enjoys when they have a property manager:

Get the right tenant

Landlords need to make careful background checks on tenants to ensure that they will take a responsible approach to their tenancy. Selecting the right tenant is critical for a landlord because a good tenant will pay their rent on time and look after the property. A property management company will have access to information on people with a history of being bad tenants and also undertake a through background check on all applications.


Clients can view the property without bothering you

Showing prospective tenants the property takes time because people wanting to lease a home generally want to view the property during after work hours such as the evenings or weekends. Private landlords are more restricted in their time and therefore may not be able to find the best tenant for the property in the fastest time.


Having a key person to compose and review contracts

Having the tenant complete and sign their contact of agreement is very important as it protects the investor. A clearly written contract should clearly state the responsibilities of the tenant and the owner. Some investors overlook this key part of renting a property with the result that problems are created between the tenant and owner.


You will not receive an emergency call in the middle of the night

Keeping a good tenant is also critical for the investor. One of the most common reasons why good tenants leave a rental property is that the landlord does not provide a high level of service i.e. it may takes weeks to fix an air conditioner because the landlord is too busy with personal issues. By employing a property manager, landlords can be assured that all of their tenants requirements are dealt with promptly and this will in turn reduce vacancy rates.


Maintain quality of your property

A property manager will conduct regular property inspections to make sure the investment property is properly maintained and take action if it is not. Maintaining the value of the asset should be a key consideration for investors and that is why regular property inspection reports are necessary.


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