All about Gevora: The Tallest Hotel in Dubai

By Rocky Real Estate

All about Gevora: The Tallest Hotel in Dubai

Dubai is the home to some of the tallest structures in the world! It has built some of the monumental structures to attract people from outside and provide all the world comforts to the guests. Gevora is regarded as the tallest hotel in Dubai and is packed with the latest functionalities. It is a new offering in the UAE’s financial district and tops out at 365 meters high (1,168). When you visit Dubai the next time, make sure you stay at the tallest hotel to enjoy the stay.

The economy of the country is still growing in pandemic times and it is even going to grow faster in the post-pandemic period. Individuals with a passion for height should visit the Gevora hotel as it will provide access to a top Dubai hotspot. If you’ve been to the JW Marriott Marquis (former tallest hotel) then it is a must to visit Gevora too. The latter is one meter long and is considered the architectural marvel of modern times.


Some of the top features of Gevora hotel are –

  • It is a 75-story structure that stands 356 meters tall or nearly a quarter long.
  • The hotel is having around 528 guest rooms, suites, dining halls, restaurants, & all facilities expected from a modern-day hotel. It has 232 Deluxe rooms and 31 two-bedroom suites.
  • It has all the luxurious itineraries in the hotel like Jacuzzi, pool, club, luxury spa, & normal.
  • You get five restaurants in the interiors with local & international cuisines.
  • The guests will be able to get the highest view from the restaurant rooftop and thus providing a panoramic view of the entire city.
  • The hotel is having six elevators that operate at a speed of 26 km/hour. It is also having the highest number of pools in the world. The hotel has a total of 3,859 stairs.
  • It has been built by Majid Al Attar and is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road near Dubai International Finance Center.


You will simply fall in love with the luxury of the place and the delights provided by the hotel authorities. It is a 4-star hotel that is designed to cater to business needs. You get a pool with a view, a bakeshop, & a café. You get a lot of culinary delights in the hotel like all day long dining and the highest-viewing restaurant is offering the best view from the rooftop. The visitors or guests can get the booking done early via online portals and rest assured of getting a possible stay in the hotel.

If you’re in Dubai to spend the holiday with family then staying in Gevora hotel is a must to enjoy or experience all the worldly features of the tallest hotel in Dubai. Make most of your stay in Dubai and visit the hotel that is capturing the attention of the world. The prices are decent and you get an easy booking with a reputed hotel booking site.