All to know about Buying Properties in Dubai – Make the Right Call

By Rocky Real Estate

All to know about Buying Properties in Dubai – Make the Right Call

Dubai is the top choice in the UAE’s property market that attracts buyers & sellers from all over the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has witnessed a bit of a dip in the market, but the market is set to recover from the losses in the post-pandemic scenario. Dubai real estate is offering some of the best rental yields in the world. If you’re a property investor in Dubai then the time is right to make sizeable investments in properties.

There are different property buying plans in Dubai and one needs to be aware of them before buying. Understanding the purchase process is assisting in minimizing risks associated with large money-related transactions. The Freehold Decree was introduced formally in 2002 as a formal legislature & it is allowing foreign nationals to buy, resell, or rent property in Dubai. Buying property in Dubai is increasingly becoming a viable option for expats living in Dubai.


Here are the top reasons to invest in Dubai Properties –

  • The Emirate is offering high rental yields than other high-rated real estate properties. The investors can achieve a gross rental yield of between 5-9% on average.
  • Dubai is one of the economic hubs of the world and per-square-foot prices are much lower than other cities globally. This makes Dubai one of the most affordable locations to own a prime real estate property in Dubai.
  • The new visa laws linked to property investment in Dubai are enabling investors to attain residency visas as per certain conditions. Individuals will be entitled to a 2-year residency ban for properties valued above 1 million AED and they’re also entitled to a 5-year residency for properties valued over AED 5 million. A 10-year residency visa will be issued to investors for properties valued above AED 10 million.
  • The place is having highly favorable tax conditions and thus makes the process of filing property taxes very simple. You don’t have to worry about the high level of taxes and the city offers an attractive investment environment.


Investment in properties is made all over the world with strong hope for ROI (return on investment). Purchasing a property for investment can have a huge impact on your private finances and thus the decision needs to be an informed one. Look at Dubai’s property market and study the type of properties with higher rental yields. The investor needs to have their questions ready to determine the reputation of the seller or the quality of leads provided by the realtor. Rely on trusted real estate professionals who can provide you with the best property at a great price.

It will be prudent to hire the services of a realtor if you wish to get more details about a certain property. Rest assured of getting the best advice from real estate professionals with the right reviews and contacts. Buy a suitable property today looking into the investment perspective of the region & future trends.