Budget-friendly Tips to Make Your Rented Flat Feel Like Home

By Rocky Real Estate

tips on how to make your rented flat feel homier

Budget-friendly Tips to Make Your Rented Flat Feel Like Home

Moving to a new rented flat or studio apartment for rent in Dubai may feel like stepping into an uncharted territory. Looking around, with all your cardboard boxes and cluttered personal stuff, things can easily get overwhelming at the start.

However, deep down in your heart, you know that this newly rented flat is your new home and you want to make it feel  a home as much as possible.


For this reason, you might appreciate some tips on how to make your rented flat feel homier.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money as well just to follow these tips.

Paint the walls white

Painting your walls white is an amazing way to make your flat look bigger, cleaner, and fresher. Because of its neutral color, your flat becomes a blank ‘canvas’ for you to paint with various furniture, accents, pictures and other items.

Add furniture

If you already own a few pieces of furniture, you can simply bring them along. You won’t be spending too much on those. If your budget permits, choose fully furnished apartments for rent in Dubai, so you don’t have to worry about the furniture you needed.

Add layer textiles

Plain furniture can be a little boring. However, adding a few textures could instantly improve their look. Textures have a special way to add your personality in your new home and it makes space instantly feel like yours. You can add drapes, cushions, throw pillows, ornamental rugs, paintings, and other accessories.

Go green

Plants have a unique way of making any space beautiful and you guessed it, homey.  Plants and flowers can easily brighten up a room and give life to your space.

Add sufficient lights

You don’t want to live in a dark and cold flat, right? So, if you feel like something is “off” the moment you walk in a room, it could be the lighting. Test various lighting schemes. You will soon see how light can make your apartment bigger, cozier, and warmer.


Final words

There you have it: the best ways to make you rented flat look and feel like home. Do any of these simple tips and you will soon feel welcomed in your new place.

If you are still looking for a place you can call home in Dubai, you might need help in finding the perfect space. Whether you need a place temporarily to rent or looking for flats for sale in Dubai, you would surely be happy to meet the real estate experts at Rocky Real Estate. They have the right knowledge and experience to help you explore the real estate market of Dubai. Give them a call today!