Buying Apartments in Dubai Marina vs JLT

By Rocky Real Estate

check which location is more suitable for your needs

Buying Apartments in Dubai Marina vs JLT

As Dubai continues to flourish as a top destination for expats more and more people will relocate to the city to seek better employment opportunities, as well as see an increase in the number of investors who are looking to invest in a new property for sale in Dubai.

While the city is lined with several high-end communities and neighborhoods, properties located in the Dubai Marina and the Jumeirah Lake Towers or JLT are still among the top choices for expats and locals. Whether it’s better to buy apartments for sale in JLT or invest in a real estate property in Dubai Marina will depend on your needs. Before making any final decision, consider going through the comparison below to check which location is more suitable for your needs.


Schooling Options

Dubai Marina is a residential district located along the Persian Gulf Coastline while JLT is a prominent residential area erected around four man-made lakes and parkland. If you are moving in with your family, including school-aged children, it may be more ideal to opt for a studio for sale in JLT if it is closer to several schooling options in the city.


Beach life

As a residential district that falls on the east side of Sheikh Zayed Road, JLT doesn’t offer any direct access to the beach.

So, if you love going the beach, a 1 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Marina may be a more suitable option for you. Since Dubai Marina is located along the Persian Gulf it is directly connected to the open sea.


Property prices

The selling price of properties in Dubai Marina is often higher compared to those located in JLT. If you are planning on buying a property for personal use, for example, a 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Marina, you may want to check for a similar property in JLT as it may be less expensive. However, if you are a property owner in Dubai Marina, the difference between prices may be more advantageous to you.


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