Cost Effective Ways to Make Your Villa Marketable

By Rocky Real Estate

Cost Effective Ways to Make Your Villa Marketable

In UAE, whether you want to rent out your villa or sell it, it is important that you make it as presentable and attractive as possible. There are just too many Dubai properties in the market today and competition is very fierce. It is therefore very important that you make an effort to improve your villa’s marketability. But doing so does not have to be expensive. Here are some ways in which you can maximize the return on your investment at minimum cost;


Start with exterior

The first impression is all what really lasts. You only have a few seconds to capture your client. Aesthetically pleasing exterior is what would make your property stand out from thousands of villa for rent in Dubai. For this reason, you must improve your villa’s external stare.
Maintaining garden beds, keeping trees trimmed, mowing lawns, and cleaning pathways are just among the inexpensive ways you can improve your property’s look. If you have the extra budget, you can add paved driveways, garden lighting, outdoor terrace area and ornamental plants as well.


Consult a residential architect

While this may sound like additional cost, in the long run, it is not. Seeking advice from architect can do wonders. You can get to know how to maximize the attractiveness of your villa while ensuring its functionality is not compromised. Not only that, but an architect can help you provide valuable tips on how to improve the aesthetics of your property without breaking the bank.


Cleanliness is Key

Sometimes, all you need to add more beauty to your property is simply clean it. Get rid of clutters, trash, and other things that might not be needful anymore. The fewer materials or objects you have, the more spacious and clutter-free your villa looks.
While you are at it, add aromatic smells. It instantly soothes your clients and gives an impression of consistent maintenance and sanitation.


Add new paint

Do you know one of the simplest and cheapest ways to dramatically improve the marketability of villas for sale in Dubai? It’s paint!
Having newly painted internal and external walls would make your property look new and exquisite. Keep in mind to choose neutral colors to appeal to a large number of people. Paint is not expensive. You can buy them for a few hundred AED. However, its value addition in your property is enormous.


Upgrade lighting features

Renters or buyers of villas would definitely appreciate it if you have energy-saving lighting features, solar panels, and energy-efficient cooling devices in place. People generally want to pay for cheaper electric bills, so making your villa energy efficient would certainly attract more potential customers.


Get professional help

These were some of the easiest & cost effective ways as to how you can improve the marketability of your villas in Dubai real estate market while staying on budget. Since you know the best tips, you can now choose the best company for selling or renting your villa. Rocky Real Estate has the best brokerage team with extensive knowledge, experience and skills to find the right client for you. Give us a call today!