Development projects in Dubai to be completed this year 2022

By Rocky Real Estate

Construction projects interrupted by the pandemic have already resumed

Development projects in Dubai to be completed this year 2022

With many restrictions lifted, especially for the construction industry, construction projects that were interrupted by the pandemic have already resumed and many are scheduled to be completed in 2022. Along with the completion of these projects, real estate in Dubai is expected to grow steadily as more business and investment opportunities become available.

The Expo 2020, and its venue to be called District 2020, created plenty of tourism and business opportunities. Thanks to these business opportunities foreign investors, business owners, and talents who will be relocating will also need to look for property for rent in Dubai.

The completion of the projects listed below is also expected to further boost tourism and create more employment opportunities, leading to an increase in demand for apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai and other real estate properties.


Dubai Creek Tower

Located in the centre of the Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai Creek Tower is set to be the tallest tower in the world. The attraction will surely attract tourists and investors who want to explore the new tower and one of the world’s most notable attractions.


District 2020

District 2020 hosts the globally known event, Expo 2020. The event was scheduled for 2020 but was postponed to 2021 due to the global health crisis. The Current venue is already in a different league with its modern design and various pavilions to accommodate the participants and guests of the event.

There are also several new building and construction projects within the area that are designed to serve Expo 2020. Even after the conclusion of the event, the venue will have a renewed purpose and the setup won’t go to waste.


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