District 2020, the real estate market of the future

By Rocky Real Estate

District 2020 is one of the new places of interest in Dubai

District 2020, the real estate market of the future

In recent years, Dubai has become more popular for entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for business opportunities and for those who are looking for a new place to move into. District 2020 is one of the new places of interest in Dubai.

As you know, District 2020 was the location for Expo 2020. Many experts are expecting the local market to keep growing after Expo 2020 and its location to be converted into a modern multifunctional area open to businesses, expatriates, and investors who are looking for residential and commercial property for sale in Dubai.

While the district is already situated near other premium locations and business hubs, it was designed as a self-supporting community with a variety of Dubai real estate properties, such as multifunctional residential and commercial properties. It is also expected that at least 80% of the infrastructure designed for Expo 2020 will be reused. A good number of Expo 2020 attendees have expressed their intention to re-visit the district after the event, either to look for a commercial place in this premium location or to find new and better apartments for sale in Dubai.

Other business hubs located near District 2020 were also positively impacted by the event as local and foreign visitors of the Expo 2020 also explored the nearby areas. The prices of real estate Dubai in and the surrounding areas are also expected to increase due to the higher demand for both residential and commercial properties. Investing in these properties earlier may be beneficial for you as the value of various properties is expected to exponentially increase in the years to come.

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