Dubai Metro Celebrates 10 Years

By Rocky Real Estate

Dubai Metro was launched on September 9, 2009

Dubai Metro Celebrates 10 Years

It seems like it was just yesterday when the Dubai Metro first opened its doors to the public. Now, this year marks its tenth anniversary. Looking back, as one of the most ambitious projects in UAE’s transport system, it has boosted the country’s economy, increased the value of Dubai properties, and supported sustainable growth throughout the past decade.


Dubai Metro was launched on the memorable day of September 9, 2009 (9/9/9), Wednesday, at exactly 09:09:09 PM. It was headed by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). As a special government project, The Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, graced and inaugurated the Dubai Metro, which signals a new era of the UAE’s unstoppable economic prosperity.

Initially, Dubai Metro started with the Red Line , which runs from Jebel Ali to Rashidiya. It spans over 52km with 29 stations. Four of them are located underground, 24 are elevated, and one is on the ground level.

After two years, on the same day and month, September 9, 2011, the Green Line was opened, which extends over 23km and comprises 18 stations, among which six are underground and 12 are elevated. The Green Line is strategically laid out in key locations between Al Jaddaf near Business Bay Crossing and Etisalat Station in Al Qusais.


The accomplishment of the Dubai Metro has been astonishing. Throughout the ten years of its existence, it has served more than 1.5 billion people and has made more than 2 million journeys. Its punctuality rate is impressive at 99.7 percent. Not to mention its major role in improving the economy and increasing the value of real estate in UAE.


The Dubai Metro isn’t just about trains transporting people. It has been an icon of Dubai’s forward-thinking and recognition of how important it is to adopt innovative and futuristic solutions to today’s problems. With it’s convenience stores and Zoom outlets across all stations, Dubai Metro had transformed public transit to a lifestyle. Rocky Real Estate had played a vital role in bringing businesses to these metro stations, by leasing out the Dubai Metro outlets during 2011-12 helping the metro grow among the public as more than just a mode of transit.


It is worth noting that when Dubai Metro was proposed, not a lot of people supported the idea. In fact, a lot doubted whether this mega project would live up to its promises as the city thrived in private flashy cars. Train stations were not something common in the UAE. Thus, a few of Dubai’s leaders rejected the idea and thought that people will ignore this mode of transport.

However, when one looks back, the decision to build Dubai Metro has been one of the most important initiatives the Dubai government ever took to provide safe, effective, and most importantly, viable transport system to the riding public.


As the first of its kind in the Arab world, Dubai Metro has shown what the UAE can achieve when it is not afraid to lead the way toward technological advancement.

No doubt that the UAE is on its way to becoming one of the major and most prosperous countries in the world. Thus, it is not difficult to see why a lot of people from abroad, see the UAE as their next top destination for their investment.

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