Dubai Real Estate – Know Some Precious Facts About It

By Rocky Real Estate

Dubai Real Estate – Know Some Precious Facts About It

Investors from developed counties and developing countries are investing huge money in Dubai’s real state. Dubai is transparent and has an accepting culture, unlike middle east countries. Dubai always tries to develop and innovate their country, so culture and tourism become more affluent and prosperous. That’s why Dubai is the center of attraction in the real estate market. So, if you also think of doing business in real estate in Dubai, then go ahead; you are doing the right thing.


Latest updates in the Dubai market

  1. Prices have dropped due to the pandemic, but it is recovering very quickly, and if you did not make up your mind, you could lose the opportunity.
  2. Villas and bungalows are leading the market value since QUARTER 2.
  3. House sectors and reportage properties are surging the value in QUARTER 2.
  4. Post pandemic, 80% of the Indian businessmen have invested in Dubai; their returns are 10-15% per annum.
  5. Dubai government has started to give citizenship if you buy land in Dubai.
  6. You can buy properties in Dubai online, get document verification online, and make payments online.


Why invest in DUBAI’s real state?

Dubai has nothing less than gold mines for investing in real states after the pandemic. There are various reasons to invest in Dubai’s real state post-pandemic. So, among them are some of the reasons I mentioned below. Please read them carefully, and it can give you so much profit you invest at the right time.

  • The biggest reason to invest in Dubai real state is that it is the quickest way to get a residency of DUBAI. So, the businessman of the developing countries is investing huge money in Dubai’s real state. This is the most incredible opportunity to invest in Dubai’s real state post-pandemic.
  • Dubai is the best and safest place to live. Location wise Dubai is very strategically placed. Dubai is surrounded by countries like the USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore. These are beautiful and rich countries, so investors try to get the nationality of Dubai.
  • Dubai is a wealthy country with and tax-free economy. Investors do not need to pay taxes if they buy properties in Dubai, unlike in developing countries where the government charges enormous taxes.
  • Dubai is the safest place to live. The crime rate in Dubai is almost negligible.
  • Dubai has the top schools, colleges, and hospitals for the residents. So, investors try to get the nationality of Dubai.
  • If you are from India, you can get bank loans only at the rate of 3%.
  • The rental return of the property is a minimum of 5-6 %, and for well-located and good properties, it is 12-15%, which is higher than any other country.



These social, economic, and cultural reasons are the biggest reasons that make DUBAI one of the most prominent places to invest in real estate. So why are you waiting till now? Just start investigating these things and invest in Dubai Real Estate, whenever you think.