Apartment for sale in dubai - Expo city boost the real estate market

Expo 2020 Dubai is fuelling the emirate’s real estate market – but where to buy?

By Rocky Real Estate

global investment to the real estate market

Expo 2020 Dubai is fuelling the emirate’s real estate market – but where to buy?

Dubai has always been the hot property in the Middle East and global investors are putting themselves in the country to reap greater outputs. The economy took a hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but EXPO 2020 Dubai is set to drive the residency demand again throughout the UAE. Properties need to be registered in reputed platforms and government forums to get the right attraction and enhance the chances of faster buying.

EXPO 2020 is the occasion where investors from all over the world gather and share their thoughts! The event is estimated to bring around Dhs 122bn to the overall economy and thus flourish the real estate market extensively. It is a great opportunity for landowners and investors to enhance their lookout for a stronger market for their properties. As the eyeballs or visitors for the EXPO increase, the chance for more investment in the real estate arena also brightens.


Signs that signal the shift from global investment to the real estate market:

  1. There is a higher need & demand for building & programming big projects, and also a need for integrated thinking between the governing agencies, developers, & designers to collaborate holistic solutions.
  2. One of the primary aims of the industry has been to focus on net-zero design and decarbonization due to climate action. With new sustainable infrastructure, the sourcing of material will encompass the advantages of sustainable resources & recycling.
  3. The local government is also issuing long-term visas for investors, suitable payment plans, and also rises in debt repayment by financial institutions. It is resulting in the increase of investor confidence and thus the level of investment rises.
  4. There are multiple inquiries coming from varied countries with which the government has signed treaties and thus they are promoting incentives on foreign direct investment.


EXPO 2020 is declared by the government as the largest event staged in the Arab world and is estimated to cross millions of visitors from the whole world. It will be a six-month event and investors will put their heads together in building trusted relationships in the entire region. The real estate market of the UAE is getting a big boost due to the event and the realtors are able to highlight the features of the properties.

Earlier EXPO has transformed the economies of countries that hosted the event and UAE is expecting the same from the event. The government has spent millions on the arrangement of such an event on a large scale and the local economy is going to get impacted due to it! The regional economic think tanks estimate the local economy will grow more than expected in the post-pandemic years due to such an arrangement.


The real estate properties need to be listed & registered on the right platforms so that it gets the relevant eyeballs. It is the best opportunity for investors to park their money in the location and get the best results out of it!