Finding a home in Dubai

By Rocky Real Estate

Finding a home in Dubai

There is a variety of housing types available in Dubai and it can be overwhelming for a house-hunter.

The most popular Dubai property type is an apartment. Apartments for sale or rent can be of many types – Penthouse, Duplex, Studio, Loft-Style. Dubai also has townhouses or multi-storey houses attached to each other. Finally, you can also live in an independent villa and detached from other houses.


Living in any of these housing types has pros and cons:


Majority of apartments in Dubai are highly accessible and strategically located within the heart of the city. It provides the convenience of getting to work quickly and reaching establishments in short distances. With most apartments located in high-rise buildings, you will have high chances of getting better views of the city and access to Dubai’s extensive public transport.
Villas are usually in master planned gated communities located at the outskirt of the city, away from the bustle and hustle of urban living.

Designing and customization

Most people commonly believe that villas are for families as you have larger areas where children can roam around and play. Villas for sale in Dubai give you more room for customization and expansion of your property. It can adapt to the needs of your growing family as time goes on.
An apartment suits individuals looking for lock-up-and-go lifestyle with facilities and bustling ambiance.


When you live in apartments, the use of facilities, from parking space to gym facilities, is shared by residents in the building on fixed timings.
In villas, you have a space to build amenities for your private use at any time you wish to enjoy them. Villa communities also offer shared outdoor facilities such as pools, parks and sports facilities.


Villas are generally bigger and come with personal amenities such as swimming pools, landscaped garden etc that needs regular maintenance which you have to pay out of pocket. With apartments, the building owner pays for the maintenance of facilities.


Many believe that villas have higher real estate value because you own a piece of a land, but the rule doesn’t always apply. Location, property features and the view has now played a major part in determining the ROI for your property. Apartments in master planned communities such as Jumeirah Beach Residences or Bluewaters Island have leveled the field.  There are upcoming developments in Dubai Creek Harbour and Downtown Dubai where you can buy apartment in Dubai offering higher ROI as it’ll be near the world’s tallest tower by year 2020.


Now that you have a better overview of housing types in Dubai, it is time to decide where to search first. Rocky Real Estate has credible market intelligence to inform you on best locations to invest and avoid wasting time sweeping the whole city looking for the right property. Contact us today to receive the latest report.