Great Opportunity for Foreigners to Buy Home & Get Citizenship

By Rocky Real Estate

attain citizenship in UAE

Great Opportunity for Foreigners to Buy Home & Get Citizenship

Are you looking to run a business in the UAE and attain citizenship of the place? The United Arab Emirates has planned to offer citizenship to foreigners who are interested to invest in the country’s economy.

The shift in policy of the government is aimed at attracting talent & investment that will boost growth in the UAE. Have stakes in the Middle East’s financial travel hub and enjoy citizenship of the place for a lifetime.

UAE (United Arab Emirates) is the business destination of the Middle East and one of the idle destinations to spend some lovely time. Earlier, the oil-rich Gulf state used to have stringent permanent residency rules for foreigners.

But with time, citizenship in the UAE and the other Gulf states have been reserved for foreigners in special cases, and now the rules are getting widen & formalized. You can make your dream come true by doing business & residing in the UAE.

The Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said – “The new directives aim to attract talents that contribute to our development journey. The wider the scope, the wider the positive economic implications of qualitative growth in population and economic value-added”.

The change in the UAE citizenship law is not only for businessmen, but also scientists, engineers, artists & their families. The criteria for each category are set and the UAE cabinet, local courts & executive councils will be able to nominate the names. The law is also ensuring that the receivers of the UAE passport keep their existing citizenship.

Getting Citizenship in the UAE has become simpler & smarter with the new citizenship criteria for foreigners!


Here is the list of conditions that need to be met while securing UAE citizenship –

  1. The investors need to own a property in the UAE.
  2. The investor or owners must obtain one or many patents approved by the UAE Ministry of Economy or other reputed international bodies.
  3. The individuals or professionals like doctors & other specialists need to have a unique discipline or principles that are needed in the UAE.
  4. The scientists need to be active researchers and possess the practical experience of not less than 10 years in the same field.
  5. Intellectuals & artists having specialized talent or skill sets should be a pioneer in the art fields and winner of internationally acclaimed awards. It is mandatory to have a recommendation letter from the government authorities.


But, the foreigners need to also keep in mind that citizenship is not permanent and can be withdrawn anytime with the breach of conditions. It is a major policy shift in the politics of the UAE & the Middle East to attract talent and boost the economy. The UAE government is offering citizenship to a group of experts or foreigners looking to formalize a process aimed at giving a bigger stake to expatriates in the UAE economy.

The UAE passport is ranked one of the best for mobility and thus obtaining citizenship will open up opportunities for you! The mindset of the government is to try to inspire experts & professionals all over the world to come & stay in the country. Contact the experts and get the UAE citizenship for use in a quick time.