Guide to Buying a Property in Dubai

By Rocky Real Estate

Guide to Buying a Property in Dubai

Are you looking to buy a property in Dubai? You have made the right selection of places to invest in property. Make sure you have all the relevant papers & the money ready for payment before looking for a suitable property. Dubai has some of the best housing societies for professionals & ex-pats looking for a dream property. Reach out to a real estate company in Dubai with the experience of assisting the buyers in all possible ways.

Are you not having cash to pay for the property? You will need to apply for the mortgage & thus look into all the relevant matters to get the mortgage rightly. Buying a property will be a handy investment for you & it is important to get all the papers ready for effective buying. For ex-pats, buying a property is a complicated matter & it is filled with obstacles. This blog is meant to provide you details related to buying property in Dubai.


Should I go for buying an off-plan property?

It is the type of method that takes some more time in the completion of procedures as compared to other methods. The buyer needs to submit the relevant applications & after the approval, the buyer needs to go to the developer for selecting the right kind of unit.


Is it the right idea to buy a property on the secondary market?

It is a faster way to acquiring a property in Dubai and it is a slightly less complicated process that involves more financial expenses. The investor looking to buy property in Dubai needs to apply for mortgage options to find the relevant option.


How to secure the mortgage pre-approval?

The mortgage is the best option if you’ve less money to pay in the first instance. Apply for a mortgage from the relevant banking sector in the region along with all the relevant documents. Once all the documents have been verified by the professionals, the pre-approval is given to the buyer to select the property. Take the help of real estate companies to ease the process of mortgage.


How can I define the different kinds of property prices?

There are mainly 3 kinds of property prices that the buyer needs to be aware of. The first option is List Price that indicates the asking price of the property. Second is the Sales Price in which the owner settles. The third is the Appraised Value given by the real estate agent by comparing the property value.

Dubai has always been the destination of skyscraper buildings & world-class facilities for a living! Expats & foreigners can buy a property in Dubai at a suitable cost & enjoy their stay in Dubai along with family. The Government has set norms to welcome foreigners in the land looking to invest in the local economy & also get a safe location for the entire family.

Buy a property in Dubai with the help of real estate agents experienced in getting you all the approvals in the right manner!