How is Dubai becoming the Sports Destination of the World?

By Rocky Real Estate

How is Dubai becoming the Sports Destination of the World?

Dubai is home to some of the tallest structures in the world & the infrastructure of the place has made it stand out of the league of other countries in the Middle East. The rulers of the land have been trying to divert the focus of the oil-rich economy towards sustainable aspects of development. It has led the country towards the development of some of the best infrastructure in the world. Dubai is home to the tallest building, Burj Khalifa & the largest shopping center, the Dubai Mall. The place is also quickly becoming the top destination for major sports events across the globe.

Dubai is having an open policy related to all kinds of sports activities like seminars, courses, games, and other activities. The weather of the place is idle to hold any kind of sport at least eight to nine months a year. People from different countries around the world come to Dubai to be part of their favorite sporting event.

If you want to set your career as a professional sportsman then Dubai can offer a lot in terms of facilities & opportunities. Investing in Dubai properties will be a good idea if you’re planning to spend some quality years in your favorite sport.


Here is the list of developing sports throughout Dubai –

  • Backgammon Tournament – The Arts Club
  • ICD Brookfield Place – DIFC – Dubai
  • Women’s Badminton Competition
  • International Open Basketball Camp
  • Playing Cards Tournament – Leekha
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Ultimate RaceNight
  • Ambitions Cup
  • Super Sports Summer Run Series
  • Peba Basketball Al Ahli Indoor /Outdoor
  • Gymnastics Competition
  • Ironstar Indoor Triathlon – Race 1
  • Return To Racing ITT Series 2


In the current times, Dubai is hosting several high-profile events like Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships, DP World Tour Championship, Emirate Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, & Dubai World Cup horse races. The place is having the best facilities to flourish as a sportsman and it is providing top-notch assistance to sports lovers coming from different corners of the world. The focus is now on Dubai to successfully host the upcoming events and add to its list of successes. Dubai is well-placed to sustain its position as a choice for sustainable sporting events.

Dubai will become the sports hub of the world in the years to come as the place will be providing top-notch facilities to the teams & tournament organizers. The key success factor that is going to label Dubai as a global competitive sports destination is tourism, event management, & diversification of events hosted in the region. The sustainable aspects are considered to be the contemporary topics for the promotion of such events & something neglected from the perspective of event organizers.


If you’re planning to buy a property or home in Dubai then it can be a real game-changer decision for an athlete. Prepare for world events successfully with help of top professionals from different parts of the world.