How to identify a RERA-qualified agent in Dubai?

By Rocky Real Estate

How to identify a RERA-qualified agent in Dubai?

When it comes to real estate investments like a commercial space or a studio for sale in JLT, it is crucial to make sure that you are working with qualified and reliable agents. Since properties are usually expensive, even the slightest carelessness may lead to costly consequences. Hence, it is important you only entrust your investments to professionals who are experts in legal processes and other matters related to acquiring properties and property management Dubai, opt only to work with RERA-qualified agents.


Who are RERA-qualified agents?

As you may already know, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) formed by the Dubai Land Department helps in various ways to cut down the number of fake agents and make sure only legitimate and legally certified agents practice the brokerage. This contributes a lot to keeping property transactions standard maintained.

Whether you’re buying a commercial space or a 1-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Marina, a crucial element in finding a trustworthy real estate broker is to find out if he or she is regularized to work or not. There is a high influx of workers in the real estate industry. Unfortunately, there are some agents who do not possess RERA-certified cards or with expired cards who continue in the practice. It is highly recommended to steer clear from these agents as they would not be able to legally register your transaction to the Dubai Land Department.

Before making any transactions with a real estate agent, ask to see if they have a valid RERA-approved card. You may also check partner websites to verify if the agent is RERA qualified. It is also important to note that every agent must attend the seminar and get a certificate then get an ID to be a real estate RERA agent.

When you are ready to get a commercial space for sale or a property for rent in Dubai, find some time to check for qualified agents or companies online. Aside from checking what services they offer; check which clients they have worked with in the past and what these clients say about their experience in working with an agent or company.


You may also ask for referrals or references to verify the transactions and quality of service. Reliable companies like Rocky Real Estate won’t hesitate to provide you with references so you can check if the transactions are real.

Suppose you are looking to acquire a new property or you’re new to investing in real estate properties in Dubai. In that case, you may get in touch with one of our experts at Rocky Real Estate whose knowledge and experience can help you obtain the best return on your real estate investment. We can also help you find a residence, office space, or freehold property anywhere in Dubai.