How to sell your property in Dubai faster at the best price

By Rocky Real Estate

How to sell your property in Dubai faster at the best price

Selling a property involves careful planning and guidance from the experts so you can make the best return on your investment.

There is no perfect science in selling houses for sale in Dubai in a snap but based from our decades of experience in Dubai real estate, here are the most effective ways to sell your property in Dubai faster:


Secure the documents

The most important of all is that you have the original title deed under your name. If there are ongoing issues regarding your ownership or documentation, settle first and be transparent with the buyer.
For properties for sale in Dubai that includes kitchen appliances or equipment, secure the warranty where certificates are applicable. Buyer will also appreciate if you can provide the history of the repairs and maintenance done or ongoing on your property. Some of these may still fall under warranty period.


Work with real estate brokers

Another task on the top of your list is to consult the experts. Registered real estate brokers will provide you a cumulative market analysis on the real estate market, primarily based on the location of your property. The unit’s layout, view, facilities and surrounding establishments will also matter on how your property should be priced. An experienced broker will also tell you if the time is right to sell your property or you should wait a little longer.
Once you have decided to sell your property, enter into an agreement with the broker so they can walk you through the process of marketing your property following the regulations and policies from Dubai Land Department. Your brokers will also be your representative in dealing and negotiating with buyers.
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Prepare your property

Conduct a thorough assessment on your property and give it a facelift if needed. Improving the look of your property increases its value. Not only that, but you’ll be able to sell your property faster. A simple paintwork or deep clean will dramatically improve your property’s look.


Invest in good photography

These days, most homebuyers use the internet when searching for properties. With many property listings advertised, the first impression is always critical in the eyes of a buyer. The use of good photography is becoming an essential part of the selling property to make your property stand out from the rest. An established real estate firm usually has a photographer at bay to take professional photos of your property to use for advertising.


Proper filing and documentation

Once you have agreed on an offer, you will now enter into an agreement and sign a Sales & Purchase Agreement (Form F) with the buyer with conformed terms and conditions. If the property is under a mortgage, the concerned financial institution should be notified. The mortgage should be settled first to ensure a smooth transfer of property ownership. Your broker will assist you through the entire process until transfer at the Trustees office.

Taking note of these tips will help you get through the sales process of selling a freehold property in Dubai. Get in touch with Rocky Real Estate to help market your property for lease or sale in Dubai.