Interesting and Amazing Facts about Dubai Real Estate

By Rocky Real Estate

Interesting and Amazing Facts about Dubai Real Estate

Dubai is the place of tall structures & marvelous real estate properties! People from all over the world come to visit Abu Dubai for business motives & purposes. Have you been always fascinated with structures in Dubai? Want to buy a home in the business hub of the world? The modern architecture of the place attracts tourists & locals alike! There are some interesting facts about Dubai real estate that will simply blow your mind.

In Dubai real estate, there is more than what meets the eye – the world of real estate has some lesser-known facts, and it is important to be informed about the same before deciding to buy property in Dubai.


Here are some of the amazing facts about Dubai real estate

  1. The average price of living apartments per sq. ft. in Palm Jumeirah is 50% lower than the average price per sq. ft. for a living apartment in Downtown Dubai. The two locations are the most searched communities in Dubai.
  2. A villa in the Palm costs AED 20 million! The gorgeous views & life in the eighth wonder of the worth don’t come cheap. The average size stands at 6,447 sq. ft. and the average price per sq. ft. at AED 3,117.
  3. A studio in Dubai land would have been set back by AED 300,000 and the similar unit costs AED 800,000. Dubai is offering great value for the money & provides the best housing for people looking for the best apartments.
  4. There is no property tax in Dubai. The legal authorities of Abu Dhabi have not imposed taxes on properties and buying villas on the market in Dubai no longer levied taxes on the assets.


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