Is it a Good Time to Buy a Property in Dubai? The Best View for You!

By Rocky Real Estate

Is it a Good Time to Buy a Property in Dubai? The Best View for You!

The world has experienced a real estate market crash last year and the rebound is expected slowly! Reports suggest that there has been a fall in prices by 2.3 percent every quarter during the last pandemic year. The impact of the pandemic is likely to be inconsistent & regular, varies from region to region. It is an idle time to buy a property a Dubai as the prices have gone down to a historic low.

The kind of economic turbulence seen in every corner of the world hasn’t been experienced in the last few decades! Have you been eyeing to buy a home in Dubai, but waiting for a suitable price? The time is right to buy a property at an affordable cost that suits your family’s needs! Most ex-pats move to the UAE rental properties instead of purchasing one, to save some hard-earned money. But, ex-pats with long plans in Dubai should look to buy a property to live & work!


Here are some of the top reasons to buy property in Dubai now –

It is the buyer’s market

Dubai has currently come up as the buyer’s market and the prices have dropped by roughly a quarter of their value since their peak in 2014. It is idle time for investors to look to buy properties in the region.

Rent Vs Buy

If you have been staying in a rented home in Dubai to save some money, then the time has come to invest in buying the home at a low cost. In the longer run, the buying of property now will gain pace after some time in the region.

Do the Math Right

The right kind of calculations will ensure you end up on the right side! It is a profitable preposition to buy a property in the region when the prices are going low. You will eventually end up saving a lot with the right deal.

Expected High Returns

If you are in the real estate investment business then buying the property right will give you the dividend in the later stages of the growth. Buying of right kind of property will yield higher returns than expected.


Dubai is the place that is known for its varied colors & life! Start your business in Dubai and also buy a property in the region for long-term settlement. Buying the right kind of property will lead you to achieve the desired targets for your investment in pandemic times. Contact a local realtor to know more details about the market condition in Dubai & reach out to the desired property.

Buy a home in Dubai & start planning for the future with the right kind of opportunities! Make most of the occasion and buy a property in Dubai at a much lower expected price rate. Dubai has worldly pleasures that will make living exciting & full of fun!