Is Real Estate Still a Good Investment?

By Rocky Real Estate

Is Real Estate Still a Good Investment?

Before you buy apartment in Dubai or any type of real estate property in the UAE, you should know whether it would be a good idea or not. After all, real estate investments are major and the paramount consideration is high ROI.


At this point, you might be wondering if real estate is still a good choice. The quick answer is yes and here are the reasons you need to know.

Increased number of Foreign Investments

One of the main reasons UAE enjoys a great growth in its real estate sector is foreigners pouring in a big amount of money in the country. The trend is seen to continue for the following decades as UAE offers attractive incentives and tax exemptions, discounts for foreign investors.

In 2017, there were more than 23,000 foreigners who completed about 30,000 property transactions. This figure greatly outnumbered Gulf nationals. Not only that, but foreign investors spent approximately Dh56 billion in 2017 buying properties in Dubai.


Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

UAE at large & Dubai in particular, provides an attractive ROI for foreign investors. According to one study, the average ROI for rental apartments is seven percent while five percent for villas for sale in Dubai. In spite of some decline in rent prices during recent years, the ROI for the local real estate market is still competitive and even higher compared to other major cities in the world.


Improving Infrastructure

The UAE stays aggressive in adding major infrastructure and construction projects in its cities. Having roads, bridges and good public transportation system in place makes UAE even more attractive for foreign investors. No wonder that there are a lot of architectural marvels that you can only find in UAE.


Efficient Government Regulation of the Real Estate Sector

UAE has stringent regulations when it comes to real estate market. Important measures are put in place to ensure the interests of local and foreign investors are safeguarded. UAE’s real estate is considered to be a highly transparent market, meaning that both buyers and sellers are given the necessary data to help them make an informed decision.

For example, Dubai is ranked as the most transparent real estate market in MENA region while continuously improving its position at global level rankings.


Growing economy

If you want to make a real estate investment, the best time to do so is now when prices for houses, villas, and apartments for sale in Dubai are still relatively low. It is no secret that the UAE has a robust economy and as economy grows, the demand for real estate also sours high. Not only that, but UAE is striving to attract more tourists and visitors to the country, which would translate into more customers for real estate owners. A lot of people are also considering retiring in the UAE and thus, the demand for real estate will surely continue to rise for the following decade.


Seek professional advice

Before you buy apartments, villas, or houses for sale in Dubai, it is highly recommended that you seek professional advice. This is where Rocky Real Estate can assist you best. We are one of the pioneers in Dubai real estate market with decades of experience. We have first-hand knowledge of the local market and thus, we can help you explore your options and ensure you make the best investment decision possible. Give us a call today!