J One Towers

J One Towers, the next stunning masterpiece in Dubai

By Rocky Real Estate

Residential and retail development is rising in Dubai

J One Towers, the next stunning masterpiece in Dubai

J One” Towers, an iconic mixed-use residential and retail development is rising in Dubai. Developed by RKM Durar, J One features a distinctive curved shape with pearl on the banks of Dubai Canal in Burj Khalifa District.

“J One” is one of the pearls of RKM Durar properties and can be considered a real work of art, designed specially to provide an optimal living space of the highest quality to the tower residents,” said Mohammed Miqdadi.

J One” is inspired by the authentic heritage of the region that is centered on the exquisite brilliance of pearls. For hundreds of years, some of the finest pearls in the world were harvested from the heart of the Arabian Gulf. Drawing inspiration from the gift of the sea, the towers of “J One” represent an oyster of comfort in a modern and stylized setting, reflecting the aspirational values of today’s leaders. Pearls symbolize luxury, accomplishment and prestige, and these are the values that have been central to the design and development of the “J One Towers” project.

Guided by the high standards of excellence that is a hallmark of UAE’s glorious marine history, the interiors of the project showcase a balance of opulent aesthetics. The use of marble, wood, stainless steel, special glass, customized carpets and high ceilings featuring premium finish add to the uniqueness of “J One”.

The predominant theme of “J One” extends the glorious maritime legacy into the living space. This is presented in the artistic interpretation of the sea including waves, shells and J One pearls. Further, the spatial experience is enhanced with the widespread application of modern design approaches including textured lines, layers to mark depth, play of transparency and space, creation of an understated balanced and moving forms to heighten the sense of harmony between legacy and modern values.

The two towers of “J One” are distinguished as much by the awe-inspiring façade and external adornment as plush interior finishes. Tower A of “J One” consists of 19 floors featuring 257 studios, one and two bed room apartments. Offering bespoke and premium lifestyle, the tower includes 2 temperature-controlled pools, spas, gyms, a sky garden and a children’s playground. The 18-floor Tower B comprises 90 two, three and four-bedroom apartments all with real spacious living spaces, master bedrooms, maid’s room, closed kitchen and laundry. Tower B has another 2 temperature controlled pools, spas, health clubs and VIP lounge.

Durar Group is well known in the Middle East for providing a wide range of world-class development solutions to its loyal base of clients. The brand is renowned for flexibility in planning to ensure that each client receives strategic and highly personalized solutions that meet the highest standards of lifestyle aspirations.

The project is designed by a consortium of consultants:

  • M/s QHC Architects and Engineers – The Architect and lead Consultant
  • M/s Meinhardt Singapore PTE Ltd. – Dubai Branch – Engineering Consultant
  • M/s Wrenn Associates International – Interior Designing Consultant

The project Contractor is Ali & Sons Contracting part of Ali & Sons Holding.