Know Your Rights and Obligations as a Tenant

Know Your Rights and Obligations as a Tenant in Dubai

By Rocky Real Estate

Obligations as a Tenant in Dubai

Know Your Rights and Obligations as a Tenant in Dubai

As a tenant in Dubai, you have both rights and obligations that are governed by the UAE’s property and rental laws. If you’re looking to buy a property for sale in Dubai that you can rent out or looking for an apartment for rent, understanding these rights and obligations is essential for a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship and a smooth renting experience.

Rights of Tenants:

Right to a Written Lease Agreement

Tenants in Dubai have the right to a written lease agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the tenancy, including the rent amount, payment schedule, and duration of the lease. It is essential to have a clear and legally binding contract to protect both parties’ interests.

Right to Peaceful Enjoyment

Tenants have the right to peacefully enjoy the property during the tenancy. Landlords are not allowed to enter the premises without the tenant’s consent, except in emergencies.

Right to Repairs and Maintenance

Unlike buying villas for sale in Dubai where you will be responsible for the upkeep of the property, it is the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the property in a habitable condition. Tenants have the right to request repairs for any damage or maintenance issues. Landlords are legally obligated to address these requests in a timely manner.

Right to Receipts for Rent Payments

Tenants should receive a receipt for every rent payment made to the landlord. This is an important document that helps confirm payment history and resolve any disputes involving Dubai real estate.

Right to Security Deposit Refund

At the end of the lease, tenants have the right to receive their security deposit back, minus any deductions for damages or unpaid rent. The landlord must return the deposit within a reasonable time frame.

Right to Eviction Due Process

In case of eviction, tenants have the right to proper legal procedures. Landlords cannot evict tenants without obtaining a court order.

Obligations of Tenants:

Paying rent on time

The primary obligation of tenants is to pay rent on time as specified in the lease agreement. Failure to do so can lead to legal consequences and potential eviction.

Taking care of the property

Like buyers of apartments for sale in Dubai, tenants are responsible for maintaining the property in a clean and undamaged condition. This includes regular cleaning, routine maintenance, and informing the landlord of any necessary repairs.

Compliance with local laws

Tenants must adhere to local laws and regulations, such as community rules and noise ordinances. Engaging in illegal activities on the premises is strictly prohibited.

Giving notice before moving out

Tenants should provide the landlord with the required notice before moving out, as stipulated in the lease agreement. This notice period varies but is typically one to three months.

Respecting the neighbors

Tenants must be considerate of their neighbors and maintain a peaceful living environment. Excessive noise or disruptive behavior can result in complaints from neighbors and potential legal action.

Returning the property in good condition

At the end of the lease, tenants are obligated to return the property in the same condition it was in at the beginning of the tenancy, minus normal wear and tear. Failure to do so may result in deductions from the security deposit.

It’s important for tenants in Dubai to be aware of their rights and obligations to ensure a positive renting experience. Any disputes or disagreements should be addressed through proper legal channels or by seeking assistance from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai.

If you need guidance in familiarizing these rights and obligations or require assistance in finding the right property, our consultants at Rocky Real Estate will be happy to help.