Living in Dubai

By Rocky Real Estate

Advantages of living the Dubai Dream

Living in Dubai

Considering all the booming cosmopolitans of the world, our own Dubai might just have an upper hand in few aspects.


Here are a few advantages that you would have when living the Dubai Dream.

Mix of Cultures

Being the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai hosts a vast society of people from other cultures yet maintaining its own Emirati culture that people get to experience when they interact with the locals.

A cultural and national melting pot, one way or another, you will be rubbing shoulders with people from all over the globe. There are many popular cultures that the residents of Dubai come across with, that serve as an insightful and informative experience by understanding different cultures and building tolerance. You have a chance to instruct by example about your cultural cornerstones, as well as see what informs your fellow-residents’ thinking and attitudes. Dubai gives us the opportunity to mix with other cultures, and to both teach and learn.



From authentic Far East to the scrumptious western cuisine, when living in Dubai, one can experience and indulge in cuisine from around the world. Not to forget, many of the leading international restaurant chains have their restaurants set up in Dubai just to cater to the people living here.

Expensive fine dining restaurants, to small and affordable cafes, Dubai hosts a variety of food options to choose from for people living here on every budget.

It is possible to find supermarkets that specialize in French, Italian, British, Japanese, and other Asian food. They can be expensive, but it is also possible to eat food from many different ethnic groups at a reasonable price.

Dubai also attracts a lot of fresh produce from local and regional agricultural sources, which can make your weekly shopping bill smaller than if you exist solely on European, US, or Australasian imports.

Also, with the municipality’s regulations, you get the best of world food from restaurants and cafes, even the small ones, maintaining high health and hygiene standards.


Work opportunities

Again, because Dubai’s economy has expanded so rapidly in the last fifteen years, there are many opportunities in all economic sectors.

From financial jobs, to the booming media and digital sectors, with Dubai being the center of technology for the Middle East region, people from all around the world and professional background have a chance of trying out their luck in the city. The lifestyle of Dubai calls for higher salary expectations, which keeps the residents happy and makes it a progressive step in developing a career in Dubai. Dubai also is regarded as a family friendly city, with many developments aimed towards having a happy and exciting family life.



One of the safest cities in the world, with crime rates close to negligible (an average of 20 on the crime index scale – the lower, the better). You wouldn’t mind calling this city your home where you feel safe and secure. The law and regulation in Dubai keeps the crime rates at bay and makes it a safe environment to live, work and raise a family.



Dubai offers various communities depending on your lifestyle whether you are living independently or raising a family. You can choose to live in a studio apartment or a huge villa from 3 to 4 bedrooms. Each community has access to hospitals, schools, retail centers and food hub that makes living there a pleasant experience. Amenities are usually available at all residential communities.

For short or long-term stay, it is better to explore your options. Start talking to credible and trusted real estate brokers in Dubai that can guide you on staying in Dubai based on your needs and budget.