Obtain Dubai’s Investment Visa with AED 750K Only

By Rocky Real Estate

start your investment with AED 750k

Obtain Dubai’s Investment Visa with AED 750K Only

UAE is one of the idle locations for investment and it provides splendid opportunities for businesses worldwide! The best way to start will be to buy a house or apartment with 750k only. There are also multiple other business zones in the UAE that are flourishing with time. UAE has become the montage of different cultures and nationalities. The pandemic has sent some shockwaves in the local market, but it is recovering fast with high investment rates in real estate.

Simply start your investment with AED 750k to get the investment visa and thus travel easily to the country on a legal basis. You get ample opportunities with the investment and the passage to travel across the world flawlessly. The UAE government has created proactive policies that are making the passage of investment simple and thus carry out the venture properly. The real estate sector is expected to get a big boost with the new investments in the region.


Are you looking to invest in the real estate sector? Let us know some details related to investor visas for properties –

  • The properties for investor visas are selected are freehold & ready for sale.
  • Look for the relevant property and check the methods of payment to set the terms of investment.
  • The properties under construction or facing legal issues or under dispute are not accepted under the investor visa.
  • The purchase price should be a minimum of AED 750,000 and should be available for investors. The only additional document required for the process is NOC from the bank.
  • The investment of 1 million can spread a maximum of up to 3 properties for qualification of the visa.
  • It doesn’t provide you the right to work and is meant for residential purposes.
  • The applicant needs to have a minimum salary of AED 10,000 or equivalent for applying for the visa. The submission of income proof is critical to getting the visa on time.


Are you looking to buy a property in the UAE? Make sure that you contact the experienced real estate agent to get the right contacts of properties on sale. There are real estate companies helping out buyers with the completion of the entire process and thus takes care of visa needs too. It is also important to check whether the property comes under new investor visa rules or not. Any kind of property stuck in legal struggle will not be included in the plan. Make the selections right to avail of the visa features in a quick time.

The documents should be ready to be served for the purpose and thus attain the investment visa instantly. It is time to get the desired property in UAE and avail the investment visa for different use. Look for a real estate company that can help you understand the terms in simple words and thus assists in decision-making. Invest in UAE properties to get the right returns and spend an eventful time in the country.