off plan property for sale in dubai

Off-Plan Property for Sale in Dubai – All to Know about It

By Rocky Real Estate

off-plan property for sale

Off-Plan Property for Sale in Dubai – All to Know about It

If you’re looking for a favorable investment destination in the Middle East then Dubai should come first in the preference. The off-plan property investment plan in the Emirate is enabling the easy purchasing capacity of a property during the construction phase. There are other investment plans in the land that makes buying property in Dubai a simple process. Buying a property in Dubai is one of the best ways to get the best ROI.

The prices of properties in Dubai have gone down marginally during the pandemic period & thus it is a favorable situation to buy a desired property in the country. Off-plan property is an unconstructed property purchased directly from the developer or in some cases a first owner. The buyer needs to pay 10-20% during the construction & signs the SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement) with the developer. The off-plan property is offering investors the opportunity to get rental yields compared to completed units.

Advantages of investing in off-plan property –

  1. It helps in saving money. Buying an off plan property is allowing the investors to get a purchase price at the earliest. It is also allowing the buyer to get the best apartment in their choice of development. The chances of maximum ROI increase with the investment.
  2. Sell the property before completion at a profit. The off-plan property investment is allowing the owner to sell the unit much before development. If the owner feels that the market is performing well & there are chances of gaining profit then they can sell the unit at profit, much before completion. The process makes the short-term investment a successful venture.
  3. It helps to minimize the down payments. The down payment for the off-plan property is only 10% whereas that of a completed property is 25%. The buyer can save money in a down payment and then pay in bank installments conveniently.
  4. There can be the risk of delayed completion of work with off-plan property investment. But the owner needs to be prepared for it & collect all the relevant details related to the developer to be assured of his/her commitments. The investment program is running successfully with hardly any complaints from the ex-pats. People looking to open a business in Dubai need to have a property in Dubai to save costs on hotel/room rent. The time is perfect to invest in off-plan property to secure your future in Dubai.


The development work is a slow place but it is expected to again pick up pace in the coming months! Invest now in off-plan property to get higher returns from the property in the future. The time of development might be delayed, but you get total security on all your investments in Dubai. Set the right plans and invest in off-plan Dubai properties to get the best returns. Select the kind of property that has all the amenities that you desire in the property!