Points to Check at a Viewing

By Rocky Real Estate

things you need to check when viewing a property

Points to Check at a Viewing

Are you looking for a house, apartment, villa, or any place you want to call home in Dubai? If yes, then you should know what to look for during your visual inspection. Remember, you will be living in this property for many years to come and spending just 5-10 minutes at the house without knowing what to look for could lead to a grave mistake.

Therefore, when buying Dubai properties, you must ensure you are making the right choice. After all, real estate properties are expensive, and you would definitely not want to regret a choice of investment of this scale.


So, what are the things you need to check when viewing a property? Here are some important aspects you should consider.

Check the Neighborhood

Living in a house would also mean living in a neighborhood. Before you buy a property, get a good feel of the neighborhood, its services and shared recreational areas. Check if the surrounding is safe and peaceful.


Explore the House from the Outside

Do not underestimate the power of the first impression. What you see for the first few seconds should give you a general idea whether the property is good for you or not.


Structural Strength of Property

Look for small and big cracks around bay windows, end-of-terrace walls, balcony, and extension joint areas. These places are usually the most common points where a structure starts to bow down or fall away from the rest of the property.


Look for your Needs

During visit, visualize how the house will look like after your belongings are placed. Depending on your current and future needs, check the number of rooms, the living area, the outdoor space, and overall size and comfort of the house. These are the essential things that should be on top of your checklist.


Check Signs of a Leak

Be it a leak from the roof or the faucet, water damage is never a good sign for houses or apartments in Dubai. Check for that familiar moldy smell, watermarked ceilings, rust, and flaky paint or plaster. These are signs that show there are more problems in the house lurking somewhere you don’t readily see.


Check Electrical and Plumbing System

Switch on the light. Turn on the faucet. Sometimes, electrical and plumbing systems are outdated and need repair or upgrade. While this might not be a problem in the present, the cost may add up once you decide to improve them.


Meet the Property Owner

One of the best ways to determine the worthiness of a property is by talking to its owner. In most cases, it is not enough to simply inspect the house. If you are buying a property from one of the real estate companies in Dubai, then do a quick background check and read about their track record.

Prepare your list of questions to ask. The main focus of your interview should be the history of the property. Ask about renovations, repairs, and upgrades made. Enquire how the property was taken care of throughout the years.


Make the right decision now

Before you make a decision, meet with a professional. If you need expert and personalised advice, then get in touch with Rocky Real Estate. We have the top team with right knowledge and skills to help you find the best property. We have an extensive experience in selling, leasing and managing houses, apartments, and villas in Dubai. Give us a call today to learn more!