Pros and Cons of Living in “The Villa”

By Rocky Real Estate

want to know the pros and cons of living in The Villa

Pros and Cons of Living in “The Villa”

The Villa is among the most popular residential Dubai real estate options among locals and expats in Dubai. Built by the prestigious Dubai Properties and Mazaya, The Villa features a wide range of amenities, beautiful houses, and Spanish-inspired communities.

Launched in 2005, today, The Villa is complete with 1,262 villas designed with 13 various architectural styles. There are still 163 empty lots available and more than 300 properties being constructed.

Because of the captivating beauty of The Villa, you might be considering living here.


However, if you are still weighing your options, you might want to know the pros and cons of living in The Villa.

Advantages of living in The Villa

There are lots of options in The Villa. This means that whatever your needs might be, whether you are living alone or with a family, you can find the right property here.

You can choose among the four sub-communities, namely Aldea, Centro, Haciendas, and Ponderosa. Various styles, different lot sizes, and multiple bed-types are available for you.

Each house and villa offer beautiful interior design and impressive landscapes. Properties come with terraces and parking spots. There are also gorgeous gardens, courtyard parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities.

The Villa is a gated neighborhood, which gives you a sense of security and serenity. Since The Villa is located in a suburban area, it is far enough from the hassle and bustle of the city, but near enough to easily reach it.

Plenty of amenities are located within and near The Villas. There are supermarkets in the community centres, a health care facility in The Centro and schools, nurseries, and restaurants nearby.

Aside from amenities, there are other attractions in close proximity. These include the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club and the Hamdan Sports Complex.


Disadvantages of living in The Villa

There’s no doubt that The Villa has a lot to offer. However, you might also consider some of the possible problems you may encounter.

For one, villas are generally known to be exclusive communities. They often come at a higher price.

As this might be the case, it is worth noting that in comparison with other villa communities, The Villa is more affordable.

For example, Dubai villas for sale in Arabian Ranches and DAMAC Hills could cost you well over AED 4.4M. However, The Villa offers houses at AED 3.9M.

As mentioned above, The Villa is self-sufficient with its supermarkets within the vicinity. These include Spinneys supermarkets, Choithrams, Thomsun Supermarket, Shua Al Madina, and West Zone Fresh Supermarket.

However, these supermarkets may not have everything you need and you would have to visit a larger shopping complex. Thankfully, they are just around 15 minutes away from The Villa.

Another issue you might take into consideration is that public transportation is limited. Metro stations are inaccessible and bus stops are distributed around Dubai Residence Complex.

Of course, this shouldn’t be a huge problem as most residents in The Villa have their own vehicle. It might be just an issue if you need public transportation in some rare cases.

Another important factor you need to know is whether a certain property in The Villa is a freehold property or not. One of the easiest signs that a property is a non-freehold property is if it is a compound. It may also look different from other properties around the neighborhood.

If you are considering a non-freehold property in The Villa, make sure you know the disadvantages that come with it. For example, a non-freehold property may restrict your level of ownership and freedom when it comes to using the property.


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