Real Estate Trends to Look Forward to this 2022

By Rocky Real Estate

trends that are to be expected in Dubai's real estate market in 2022

Real Estate Trends to Look Forward to this 2022

While the effects of the pandemic are still felt, Dubai’s real estate market has started a steady recovery, registering 55,651 property deals in the 11 months of 2021 (88.39% higher compared to the entire year of 2020).

Most of the buyers looking for real estate in Dubai are investors or business owners who are attracted by the latest visa reforms and business ownership rules in Dubai. While there has been a noticeable increase in rental prices for property for rent in Dubai, the demand continues to go up as well.


Here are some trends that are to be expected in Dubai’s real estate market in 2022:

House prices will continue to increase

In addition to visa reforms and business ownership rules, Dubai’s successful vaccination roll-out, early easing of restrictions, not to mention Expo 2020 (soon district 2020) are attracting more real estate buyers to invest in property for sale in* *Dubai even when the property prices are expected to increase at twice the rate of the increase expected in 2021.

High demand on villas

Due to the shift in working conditions, especially with more employees working remotely and community-living arrangements, Dubai’s villa sector has been in high demand. Villas and townhouses prices have recorded a 14% increase from January 2020.

Rent to own housing is becoming a popular option

Rent-to-own housing options are becoming a popular choice for many property buyers. There are some property owners who offer apartments for rent in Dubai who also offer rent to own option. Those who avail this option don’t always intend to get the property for personal use but opt to rent or resell it for a higher price in the future. While there are some who choose this option as a personal investment, there are those who see it as another business opportunity.


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