Start your Home Business in Social Media with E-trade License in Dubai

By Rocky Real Estate

multiple benefits of the e-trade license

Start your Home Business in Social Media with E-trade License in Dubai

As the digital economy grows, the demand for online products & services is also rising! Online businesses have started gaining momentum in recent times and Dubai ex-pats are adapting to new forms of business for desired results. You need an e-trade license in Dubai to start an online business and the Dubai government supports all kinds of activities related to e-commerce or online business.

Online businesses in Dubai need e-trade licenses to promote business on digital mediums. Online platforms have become big tech giants in the world and customers are more likely to get attracted through social media posts or information. All kinds of entrepreneurs, be they small enterprises or home-based businesses, can push for market expansion with online business plans via online eCommerce channels.


The e-trade license in Dubai is allowing individuals to sell their products or services in the region through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. New provisions are made for UAE citizens & ex-pats to apply for e-trade licenses in Dubai, adhering to the conditions of the individual staying in Dubai and over the age of 21.

Let us look at the following documents needed for obtaining the online trading license in Dubai –

  1. For age verification, you need an identity document (to prove the minimum age of 21)
  2. A valid Emirate ID alongside residential proof
  3. Fee receipt of trading new reservation
  4. Payment invoices made for the e-trader license


Businesses need to always look for new ways to promote their business or brand. The e-trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) allows UAE nationals to practice business activities via different social media networks. The licenses are registered under the name of a single owner and the trader is unable to do business in case of issuing visas or legal disputes.

Boost your business in Dubai and the Gulf nation by adapting to new e-trading rules. There are multiple benefits of the e-trade license as follows –

  • Individuals can register their own trade name and protect it using different legal processes.
  • Entrepreneurs are able to use the license in participating in exhibitions conducted in Dubai.
  • It is very easy to open bank accounts and also register under Dubai Chamber.
  • Individuals with the e-trade license in Dubai are able to attend training as per the use of the license and the benefits under it.
  • Advertise the online business on varied mediums easily and market the products to enhance the business.


The DED (Department of Economic Development) has launched the virtual trader initiative to activate online business benefits through varied social media channels. You will be able to now start your own business in social media with help of an e-trading license. The experts are able to guide you with steps to comply with the business document needs and support the business growth. Consult business consultants with prolific experience to ensure they’re able to address concerns with care & affection.