Stylish Interior Design Trends for 2019

By Rocky Real Estate

Stylish Interior Design Trends for 2019

Now that we are already in a new year, you might be thinking of giving a new look to your property. Whether you own a real estate in Dubai and you want to attract more buyers/tenants or you a looking for a property to move yourself, you must be aware of the latest interior design trends.


These are some of the top interior design trends for 2019.

More metals are going in

Among the different 2019 design trends include adding more brass, copper, and gold in the equation. In 2018, rose gold has been the top pick, but in 2019, it would be replaced by a combination of metallic colours, which adds a warm look to any space.

Combination of nature and living space

Biophilia is a term used by designers to refer to the integration of natural objects to your living space. In 2019, you will see more natural, earthen, and organic materials making their way to homes and offices. If you are planning to buy apartment in Dubai, you’ll get to observe this trend when you visit properties for viewings. Materials such as stones, plants, wood floors, wooden furniture would be a common trend in 2019.

Minimalism stays but will wane in popularity

In 2018, we have seen how the principle of minimalism has turned a lot of spaces into simple, decluttered, and roomy living areas. Minimalism promotes the idea of having less to have more. It thrives in keeping the essentials to make rooms more beautiful and classic looking.
While minimalism is here to stay in 2019, it will not be the entire concentration of interior design. More people are now starting to add more personality to their living spaces, using matching furniture, handcrafted items, photo frames, rounded furniture, and peculiar ornaments.

Spa-like bathrooms

Gone are the days when bathrooms were simply an afterthought in architectural designs. Most people in 2019 see their bathrooms as a safe haven where they can indulge their senses if given with the right colors, features, and decorations.
Designers are opting to recreate spa-inspired bathrooms, adding a chic texture, luxurious beauty, and fancy finishes. Even property management companies are now seeking to transform bathrooms into a place where people can unwind. This can be achieved with the addition of moody paint colour, great mirror, and artistic paintings.

Artistic and bold furniture

In 2019, bold and decent colours will again be on the rise & more furniture produced in this year would include artistic, bold, and loud colours. Striking symmetrical patterns would also be popular. Of course, just don’t overdo it as your home could easily look overcrowded and cluttered.

Seeking professional help

Now that you know the best interior design trends that would be taking over this 2019, you need to seek the help of professionals who can point you in the right direction. This is where Rocky Real Estate comes in.

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