Tenant’s Rights in Dubai

By Rocky Real Estate

Get familiar with your rights as a tenant

Tenant’s Rights in Dubai

Get familiar with your rights as a tenant and save the troubles and headaches while leasing Dubai properties. These are some of the most important >tenant rights in Dubai that you should be aware of.
Whether it’s an apartment or a villa for rent, the landlord should provide this future home of yours in livable and good condition. This allows you to use the home according to the signed tenancy contract. UAE Law binds landlord(s) to ensure the tenant will get what they pay for.

The landlord is accountable for the maintenance of the property. They are responsible for fixing any damage(s), leak(s), and any problem within property and cover the costs for the works.

The landlord is not allowed to make any changes to the property that will prevent you as a tenant to make full use of the property as stated in the contract.

Tenant should get security deposit refund unless there is a deliberate damage to the property due to tenant’s usage.

The tenant and landlord cannot terminate a contract prematurely unless both parties agreed. Should there be any change on the terms of the tenancy, the tenant should be given sufficient notice period. Exit clause can be requested wherein the landlord will allow the tenant to end their tenancy in case of unforeseen situations such as losing a job, death in a family or natural calamities.

When renewing the tenancy and planning to negotiate rental payments, check if the rate offered is realistic and feasible through the RERA rental index. You can access this on Dubai Land Department’s website.

According to Article 28 of Dubai’s property law, change of property ownership should not affect the tenancy contract. So if a freehold property is transferred to a different owner, you can expect that your tenancy contract will stay binding. The same rule applies for an office for rent in Dubai or if you’re living in a listed property for sale in Dubai.

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