The Complete Guide to Registering your Ejari Online

By Rocky Real Estate

The Complete Guide to Registering your Ejari Online

Have you recently moved to Dubai and looking for a rented home or property? Dubai has all kinds of installations to suit the need & budget of an ex-pat. Ejari is the term you’ll hear often when dealing with real estate professionals in Dubai. It is a government-run program to regulate the tenancy contract in Dubai. The responsibility lies with the landlord to get the agreement done in quick time as the tenancy arrives. It helps to tackle any potential problem between the tenant and landlord.

What does the word ‘Ejari’ mean? It translates to ‘My Rent’ in Arabic and the system in Dubai is a RERA initiative under the provision of Law No. 26 of 2007. The law is stating that all rental contracts need to be registered online through the official site. It is an integral part of renting an apartment in Dubai and ensures the contract drafting into a legally binding document. The document is acting as evidence of the validity of the tenancy & thus creates the right kind of transparency in case of a dispute.


Let us look at some of the top benefits of the Ejari system –

  • It is easy to fill up the form by providing the required details to the concerned authority.
  • It is helping the renters to do the requisite background check of the property & the landlord. This helps to know whether the property is in any contention or not.
  • There is no room for fraud with the documents and this comforts both the tenant & the landlord.
  • It also helps to clamp down on illegal housing and unauthorized activities in the real estate market.
  • Maintaining a good relationship between a renter & landlord becomes easy with the help of the Ejari app.


Renting a home or property in Dubai is very easy and Ejari is providing legal cover to the contract between tenant & landlord. It is a must for all kinds of tenancy in Dubai and the document is important as it keeps a record of all the rental details in the region. The contract is providing the legal right to the tenant to go to court in case of any issue with the landlord. Your case gets automatically dismissed if not registered in Ejari.

The duty of getting the form signed is the duty of the landlord and this is assigned to the real estate agent. The expert is taking care of all the documents to be filled & collected from the tenant as per the rules. It needs to be clear that all contracts, rent amounts, & deposits need to be stated in the Ejari.

Thus selecting the right type of real estate professional becomes very vital. Check the history of the real estate company or the expert before hiring it for their expertise. Rent a flat in Dubai and start your career in a new way! Ejari will ensure that your stay in Dubai is a comforting & relaxing one.