Things Not To Miss When Searching For A Property

By Rocky Real Estate

Factors to consider when looking for Dubai houses for rent or sale

Things Not To Miss When Searching For A Property

Whether you want to rent or buy apartment in Dubai, you should not look at the price and location alone. There are things that you need to consider to make sure that you are comfortably living in Dubai.

In this article, we will guide you on important factors that you shouldn’t miss when looking for rental or houses for sale in Dubai.


Property Management

As soon as you walk into the property, conduct a quick survey on the property especially if you are moving into an apartment for rent in Dubai. Are there any leaks, damages or issues with the cooling system? Are the facilities well-maintained? Then you have to ask who will do the repairs and maintenance and their availability. We suggest living in a property that is well-maintained and supervised by a professional property management company.


Cooling System

Consider the cooling system of the property to manage your expectations on your utility bill. Here are the cooling systems used in Dubai:

  • District Cooling – A/C is pumped into your property from a separate A/C cooling plant. The cooling plant will collect a fixed charge on top of your actual consumption cost which means you will be paying 2 bills for the A/C.
  • Chiller free – The building operates its own cooling system for the units. AC usage bill is then paid by the landlord so your utility bill covers electricity and water consumption only. In some cases, the landlord sends a statement at the end of the year based on your consumption.
  • Central AC – One A/C unit cools the whole property. Charges are based on your consumption.
  • Split AC – Split A/C is more commonly used in small-sized properties that need minimum cooling.



Convenience would pretty much refer to the accessibility of nearby establishments from your home. Being closer to your work, your child’s school means you can spend more time with family or do other worthwhile activities. Living near shopping malls, hospitals or recreational facilities are ideal. However, this may price the property much higher than those far away.


Service charges

Some communities collect service charges from its residents. Service charge is the fee you pay to a developer, owner’s association or property owner for the upkeep of common areas such as elevators, swimming pools, security, and corridors, among others. Aside from maintenance, service charges may include insurance and reserve funds. The service charges for villas are computed based on your property size. Make sure you understand the exact service charge you are going to pay to avoid surprises.


Always check the condition of the property itself and see if it gives you an atmosphere of comfort and convenience. If it ticks all the boxes, book the unit and prepare your things to do before moving into the new house or apartment.

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