Things to know before securing a mortgage in Dubai for buying a house

By Rocky Real Estate

step by step guide to securing a mortgage in Dubai

Things to know before securing a mortgage in Dubai for buying a house

Buying a property can be very thrilling and terrifying. Given that a significant phase in homeownership is getting a mortgage, we have agreed to talk to Rosie, our devoted mortgage specialist, and share some tips before you take out a new home mortgage.


Property purchase in Dubai – A step by step guide to securing a mortgage in Dubai for buying a house

Find the best property agent in Dubai. The Dubai property market is very different from other countries globally; it is essential to ensure that you have a real estate agent in Dubai that you trust to lead you.

Prepare your deposit for the down payment

  • You should know that you will have to save a lot before you get a mortgage. Next, prospective borrowers must take into account the initial costs for securing a mortgage.
  • These payments usually include 4% conversion fees, a mortgage registration fee of 0.25%, plus 2% real estate commission, and a loan institution fee of up to 1%.
  • Via these payments, the average property price is also approximately 5-7%. There are options to load those charges into the mortgage itself; however, the easiest way to do this is to inform a mortgage attorney.


Consider fixed or variable rate mortgages

  • You can realize that two options for securing a mortgage, a fixed-rate mortgage or a variable rate mortgage exist before the down payment is paid.
  • A fixed-rate mortgage is used to hold the mortgage interest rate for a specified amount with the same rent.


Get pre-approval

  • Pre-authorization is necessary to ensure that you follow the Bank’s requirements and lease the correct number.
  • This can be achieved either by direct contact with the Bank or a mortgage consultant who has arranged for clearance.
  • Your broker will discuss the mortgage criteria, salaries, and monthly contributions to decide about the right path for them.


Receive all the documentation

  • A mortgage needs a great deal of documentation. Although it can vary from institution to institution, a copy of the passport, the visa, and Emirates ID is usually supplied.
  • You will also require proof of payment from your work and payment records, bank balances from your past six months, and statements of your credit cards.
  • Residents must show documentation of address, which could include a copy of a rental agreement on a DEWA bill.


Using a broker in mortgage

  • A mortgage broker knows the competition and understands the needs.
  • You should bring the best possible mortgage to the Bank that suits you.
  • The navigation of numerous banks, evaluating mortgage options, and finding what to do can be very confusing and challenging.
  • Whether the decision has been made between a fixed and a variable-rate mortgage, whether both expenses are determined or which Bank will be preferred.
  • A mortgage broker can then clarify some complex terms that you cannot comprehend and how this method operates from start to finish.



In Dubai, you can purchase two properties – in cash or on a mortgage. A mortgage provides more stability when it comes to money management, while cash investment is usually more cost-effective. You will have to know how house finance operates and what you would do to get one in Dubai when you intend to purchase an estate on a mortgage.