Thinking of Relocating from the UK? Think Dubai!

By Rocky Real Estate

Dubai is the best relocation destination

Thinking of Relocating from the UK? Think Dubai!

Dubai has become the icon of shopping luxury and entertainment. It is also one of the most desirable destinations for property investments.

Here is why Dubai is considered to be the best relocation destination and also an investment avenue:

Lifestyle – Dubai is one of the most desired lifestyle destinations with high living standards which offers something for everyone. It is vibrant and packed with innumerable activities to keep people active, engaged, and productive. The weather, attractive beaches, and luxury hotels offer a premium experience of the glamorous modern city. Not only this, the city offers a balanced mix of developed city experience and the upcoming suburbs.

Virtual Office Visa – Setup a business within the UAE in the most affordable way with the Dubai virtual company license. It allows you to take advantage of Dubai’s thriving economy without the need to be physically present in the city. Apart from a complete business license, this facility also provides a residence license for the founder and his/her family members, the ability to open corporate and personal bank accounts in the UAE, and the ability to use online banking to carry out commercial activities in the UAE.

Numerous Business Opportunities – Dubai offers opportunities within multiple industries like e-commerce, construction, retail, recruitment, healthcare, advertising, beauty, fashion, and security. From small business owners to multinational corporations, Dubai has a lucrative investment market.

A hub for International business – The city boasts of a highly diversified economy and is home to over 20,000 MNCs, including 124 fortune companies already. Investing in infrastructure in Dubai can also help you enjoy the benefits of the strategic geographical location.

Returns on Investment – Tax relaxation, relating to property appreciation, capital gains, and high salaries and rental yields mean high returns on investment. Depending on the area in which you are investing, your rented property can yield 4% – 6% returns on your investment.

Revised Government Regulations – Dubai is recognized as a powerful business and financial hub by international investors. The UAE Laws have been revised, recently, to boost foreign direct investment. Under the new legislation, starting 1st of December 2020, foreign nationals will be allowed 100% ownership of businesses by the UAE laws.

So if you are looking to relocate from the UK, Dubai is your destination! Home to several iconic landmarks, Dubai is the hub for international business and a gold mine for investments. To learn about the most lucrative property for sale in Dubai to investment, visit us at