Tips to Hire a Real Estate Agent in UAE

By Rocky Real Estate

characteristics of a top-level real estate broker in the UAE

Tips to Hire a Real Estate Agent in UAE

UAE is a country in the Middle East favorable for real estate investment. Over the years, the Emirates of the UAE has grown strength-to-strength due to its business-friendly atmosphere. Many of the top businesses around the world are either headquartered or have businesses in the UAE. Foreigners or expats looking for a property or land in the UAE needs to find a relevant real estate agent to buy a property.

The demand for the real estate market has gone down significantly & it is due for multiple reasons! If you’ve been looking to buy a property in UAE for a long time then it is a perfect occasion to get the desired location or property in the Middle East. You need to have the contact of the right kind of realtor or real estate agent to guide you with the property. Buying a new home is a tough decision to make the investor & there are countless considerations for it.


Here is a look at the characteristics of a top-level real estate broker in the UAE –

  • The realtor needs to have the right kind of experience for the job.
  • The person needs to have a list of properties or contacts looking to sell their properties.
  • The expert needs to have the right license for the job & local expertise on it.
  • He/she should be having all the minor knowledge related to the property.
  • The expert needs to be a problem-solver in getting you a suitable property.
  • The professional needs to be honest in their efforts & charge as per the budget.

The real estate market is reliable & one can invest freely keeping in mind future needs. The prices are low now & the moment is perfect to cash on the availability. You need to ask the right questions to the realtor to know about their experience & expertise for the job. You need to look into different aspects of the professionals & then make the final decision to hire the agent.


Here are some of the questions that need to be asked the realtor before hiring –

  1. What are the types of properties or apartments you’ve sold to clients?
  2. Are you a qualified & registered professional?
  3. How much time will it take to find a suitable real estate property for me?
  4. What are the other services provided to you?
  5. Are you associated with any real estate companies?
  6. What are the areas in the UAE you cover & what is the specific experience in the area?
  7. How much will you charge me for the service?


If you’re looking to buy a home in Dubai and looking to get settled in the region then make sure you reach out to a high-rated UAE realtor for the best assistance. Look into all the possible options with the help of an agent & get the documents ready in a quick time! The professional will also be able to direct you through the norms & procedures of the land in buying a property.