Top 3 Areas to Buy an Apartment in Dubai

By Rocky Real Estate

best areas to buy residential apartments in Dubai

Top 3 Areas to Buy an Apartment in Dubai

Dubai’s continuously growing economy attracts more investors, business owners, and talents. Hence, increasing the demand for quality living spaces such as villas and apartments for sale in downtown Dubai and other areas near business and shopping centers.

Based on the data compiled by a property portal, Zoom Property Insights, shows that Business Bay, Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Village Circle are the best areas to buy residential units and apartments for sale in Dubai.


Downtown Dubai

Home to the famous Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai is one of the most-visited destinations in the world. Despite higher prices compared to other areas, the demand in the secondary market is expected to make higher yields.


Dubai Marina

During the previous year, Dubai Marina has shown continuous growth, not only in infrastructure but also in the number of businesses. Buying a 2-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina is voted as a good investment. For the past few years, Dubai Marina has been the chosen place for real estate investors in Dubai. The area has a good number of apartments, villas, and a variety of retail outlets and dining options, which makes it a top choice for property investors in Dubai.


Palm Jumeirah

In recent years, Palm Jumeirah’s strategic location and unique ventures have made it a popular choice for real estate investors from different parts of the globe. While several projects are still under construction within the area, these are expected to increase the demand for residential properties including apartments for rent in Dubai. Palm Jumeirah is also known for offering high-end luxury properties that are popular among beach lovers from all over the world.

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