Types of Residency Visas in UAE

By Rocky Real Estate

Types of Residency Visas in UAE

The UAE has an expatriate population of about 88 percent. One might easily say that the country was established by its ex-pat community, which represents over 200 nations from throughout the world.

If you want to live in the UAE and be a part of its bright future, you should consider the many types of residence visas provided. And that’s why Properties Detector has put together this easy-to-follow guide for you.

10-Year Golden Visa or Long-Term Investor Visa in the United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates, the 10-year Golden Visa is an investor visa with specified requirements that the candidate must meet.

Since this candidate should have government expenditures in the UAE of a specific value, it is termed a resident visa by investment.


Check out the following prerequisites and restrictions.

Property Investor Visa or 5-Year Golden Visa in the UAE

If you’re interested in obtaining residency by purchasing a property in Dubai or any of the Emirates, you should learn more about this sort of visa.


All the purchaser needs to do is purchase a property in the UAE that meets the following criteria: –

The business’s gross worth should be at least AED 5 million. When it comes to investing, the sum used should not be borrowed. The investment must be kept for a period of three years.

Retirement Visa in the United Arab Emirates

A retirement visa can be applied for by citizens of the UAE who are over 55 years old.

Investor Visa for UAE Companies

This UAE resident visa is only available to individuals that own and own interests in a firm in the UAE. It’s also for foreigners who want to create their personal business in the state.

THROUGH INVESTMENTS, the UAE residency visa allows its bearer to live and work legally in the UAE for the period of the visa’s expiration.

Family Visa in the United Arab Emirates

If an ex-pat has obtained any form of resident visa in the UAE, they can promote close family members.

Visas for UAE domestic workers

This residence visa should indeed be provided to a domestic worker if foreigners want to hire one.


They are financing a maid, cleaner, prepare food, personal transport, or childcare, therefore in the situation, among other things.

UAE Resident Visa for Experts

This is a resident visa that can be awarded to extraordinary individuals operating in the domains of research and knowledge in the United Arab Emirates. All candidates must be employed on a long-term basis.

Student Visa in the United Arab Emirates

Students who want to apply to the academic system in the UAE can do so with the help of a student residence permit.


Final Words

After discussing so many types of  Residency Visas in the UAE, you must be thinking about visiting the USA now. If it’s right, it will be an excellent thing, but make sure that you have the proper documents to visit.