Real Estate Regulatory Agency

What are the guidelines and verification procedures to confirm if a property exists in Dubai

By Rocky Real Estate

Real Estate Regulatory Agency

What are the guidelines and verification procedures to confirm if a property exists in Dubai

Dubai property market is ever-evolving, and ensuring a property’s legitimacy before investing is crucial. Whether you’re working with a real estate agent or want to verify that the property you want exists, this simple guide on how to check property ownership in Duba provides insights for informed decision-making. 

Official Channels

DLD (Dubai Land Department)

This is the primary source for verifying Dubai Land Department property status, ownership and details. Access the DLD’s online portal and search by property location, reference number, or title deed number. You can even request a paid e-certificate for more comprehensive information.

Ejari Registration

All rental contracts in Dubai must be registered with Ejari. Search by property details or Ejari contract number to confirm the property exists and is legally available for rent.

Dubai Municipality GIS Maps

Access Dubai Municipality GIS Maps to view interactive maps, identify the property location, and verify its address validity.

Additional Verification Steps

Real Estate Agent

Speak to a licensed and reputable real estate agent. They can access additional data, verify listings directly with developers, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Direct Inspection

Schedule a physical inspection of the property. Assess its condition, compare it to online descriptions and photos, and ensure it matches details found on official platforms.

Title Deed Review

Request a copy of the title deed from the owner or seller. A lawyer can help verify 

title deed Dubai authenticity and ensure there are no encumbrances on the property.

Utility Bills

Ask for recent utility bills with the property address to confirm occupancy and utility connections.

Community Association

If applicable, contact the community association directly to verify the property’s existence and confirm any outstanding maintenance fees or community charges. If you want to modify in the future, check with the association if the property is restricted Dubai and what modifications are allowed.


  1. Beware of fraudulent listings and deals outside official channels. Always double-check information and involve trusted professionals.
  2. Consider seeking legal advice, especially for high-value properties or complex transactions.
  3. Be wary of properties with incomplete documentation or unclear ownership structures.

Additional Resources:

By working with licensed professionals like Rocky Real Estate and following the guidelines and verification procedures above, you can significantly reduce the risk of encountering fraudulent properties and make informed decisions when investing in different real estate properties. Remember, due diligence is important, and professional assistance can prove invaluable for a smooth and secure transaction.