What happens after the EXPO 2020 to the site

By Rocky Real Estate

What happens after the EXPO 2020 to the site

After a year of delay, Expo 2020 was finally launched on the 30th of September 2021 and will remain open for visitors until 31 March 2022.
It’s no secret that launching such events will require a lot of funding and manpower. With all this effort and spent on preparing everything for the big event, one can’ help but ask what’s going to happen to the venue and its contents once the event is over?

When Expo 2020 closes at the end of March next year, it will become District 2020, a large-scale, real-estate investment in the south of Dubai. Around 80% of the structures of the Expo will remain on-site and transition into residential, business, and commercial developments. This includes the art: Expo’s commissioned works of art will remain as permanent displays in the area.

If you are looking for the perfect location for real estate in Dubai, you may want to explore how to get a placement on what is currently Expo 2020. You may also visit the Expo to have a better idea of what the area will look like.


What establishments/areas will remain?

While most of the details are not yet confirmed, it was mentioned that there will be museums and galleries in District 2020. They are also set to build a Children’s Science Centre in place of the Sustainability Centre during Expo 2020.

The commercial property for sale in Dubai and office spaces at District 2020 will be designed to help boost the knowledge-based economy in Dubai, and there will be offices small enough for startups, as well as big enough for multinational companies.

According to Tarek Abou El Fetouh, the curator of Expo 2020, “Expo is building a new community in the district, and I wanted contemporary art, with its concepts, language, and aesthetics, to be part of the public life… These works will be literally in the squares and streets. They were designed so that people could touch them, sit on them, and in some cases walk on them”.


Whether you’re looking for an office for rent in Dubai or considering building an entire establishment for your business, you may visit the Expo and nearby commercial spaces to find the best location that is suitable to your needs.

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