What impact Expo will have on real estate?

By Rocky Real Estate

What impact Expo will have on real estate?

Dubai is a thriving economy and one of the top tourist attractions! The Covid-19 situation has surely put breaks into the growing economy but it is recovering fast from it! Cut to Expo 2020, the event is attracting eyeballs from across the globe. Dubai has become one of the powerful financial centers in the world and the rest estate industry is also growing fast. The infrastructure is going to get a big boost courtesy of Expo 2020.

The Dubai Expo 2020 is the occasion where countries showcase their talent and try to attract the mind of investors. It results in a lot of visitors to the emirate on a short-term basis and with the potential to turn into residents in the long run. Around 25 million visitors are expected for the Expo 2020 meet and the local real estate market will look to cash the moment. There will be people visiting Dubai for the first time and thus it posses the opportunity to attract investments in real estate.

The previous records also show a great opportunity for the local real estate market due to Expo 2020. It is hosted by Dubai this year and thus it plays a big endeavor to see a flourishing world together.

The prime objective of expo 2020 is as follows –

  • Opportunity
  • Mobility
  • Sustainability

The event is expected to last for long 6 months and thus it provides an opportunity for great minds to collaborate & create a new environment of investment. The GDP growth rate will increase due to the event and thus the real estate market will reap benefits of it. More visitors mean more people getting exposed to the large Dubai real estate market. The Expo is also expected to create around 30,000 jobs and demand in key sectors like manufacturing, real estate, & healthcare.

There is a huge opportunity in the real estate market today and the chances of investment are high! As the investors look for better avenues for parking their wealth, the real estate sector becomes the natural choice. Dubai’s real estate sector is having huge potential and there is an opportunity for all kinds of investors. There is also support from the local banks to buy property in Dubai and start a business. The economic culture of the place has developed to be an attractive destination for all!

The local developers are making efforts to attract eyeballs towards top properties in Dubai for rental or buying purposes. As the investors get interested in opening a new office or supporting enterprises in the emirate, they automatically look for top residential areas to spend time in. This is the opportunity to count and the local realtors are making full use of the opportunity.

The impact of Dubai Expo 2020 will be seen in the times to come and the initial indication is directing towards real success. It is also an opportunity for investors to get involved in the local real estate market to make good returns out of it!