Off Plan vs. Ready Properties in Dubai

Which one is Better for Foreign Investment – Off Plan vs. Ready Properties?

By Rocky Real Estate

Which one is Better for Foreign Investment – Off Plan vs. Ready Properties?

Dubai is an attractive destination in the world known for its business-friendly environment & skyrise structures. The economy of the Middle Eastern state has grown rapidly, with lucrative returns on property investments. It is heaven for people to put their hard-earned money in the real estate sector. If you are looking to invest in property then Dubai is the place to make some hard investments.

Now the debate arises – whether to invest off-plan or ready property? Should you go for lower profit cash or bank on future market price? Off plan buying of property means booking of property or apartment before the construction of the structure. Whereas, the ready property is referred to the kind of structure that is ready for immediate occupancy. The demand for off plan property has increased in recent years & it will be one of the best ways to invest in something meant for future returns.

If you have an urgent requirement for shifting to a property then choose ready properties. Otherwise, it is a better option to make off plan investments in Dubai construction & get higher returns in the future.

The off plan property in Dubai is referred to as the property before construction of the structure upon it! The realtors market the structure or property right from the start of construction or even before it. The properties are marketed to real estate developers & adopters so that the purchase can be secured in a better financial term from the lender.


Here are some of the best reasons to invest in off plan properties –

  1. It offers lower & flexible payment plans. As the handover of property takes time, so the investment in properties appears in the form of flexible plans. The attractive offers for Dubai properties make off plan property investment slightly more feasible.
  2. Plan slowly regarding the shifting of homely items to the property. As the final handover of the property will take some time, thus the investor will be able to plan rightly for shifting of homely items into the property.
  3. The property investor attains capital gains. There is a rise in the market value of the property & attain significant capital gains with off plan investment. If the surrounding areas of the property are under development or construction, then it would inevitably lead to an increase in the property’s value.
  4. It offers high rental yields. Rental income is one of the top reasons for investment in Dubai & with a steady influx of ex-pats, the rental opportunity in Dubai is only going to increase. Earn decent rental income from the real estate investment.


Dubai has been the investment destination of the world and real estate properties are providing the best value to investors. Select either off plan investment or ready property to have a healthy investment in the industry. It is better to choose off plan property if you are thinking of long-term investment plans. Select the right property or plan that fulfills your desires.