Why do expats invest heavily in Dubai properties?

By Rocky Real Estate

types of properties available for expats in Dubai

Why do expats invest heavily in Dubai properties?

Dubai is one of the desired locations in the Middle East for doing business! People from all across the globe visit the country for starting a new base for their official activities. UAE has long been the prime real estate market where all sorts of properties, like luxury apartments & lavish villas, are up for sale. Expats like to spend money on properties for safe living in the UAE along with their families. Get all attractive amenities in the modern Dubai apartments & the government of the day supports the global business environment.

The real estate market in the UAE is really big and offers multiple opportunities for future investments. It includes villas, apartments, single-family homes, and more. There is something or the other for the real estate investors and rest assured of getting assured returns from such investments. One of the top possibilities about investing in Dubai’s real estate market is that it offers condos, properties, apartments, and other residential-type installations. It also means that individuals are not forced to settle for properties that suit their preferences.

Different types of property options in Dubai


There are mainly three types of properties available for expats in Dubai –

Freehold Properties

It is the most common & looked after ex-pat investment option in the UAE, or who plan to buy a flat in Dubai. There is something or the other for individuals living in the UAE and they’ve held to freehold properties with easy renting or selling an option.

This kind of property is associated with underdeveloped parcels instead of underdeveloped homes. It allows the owners to develop the kind of property that is among the top choices on the land.

Commonhold Properties

It is the other kind or type of property that can be purchased by potential investors in Dubai is a common scenario. These kinds of properties are mainly apartments & non-residential units in a building.

The purchase of commonhold properties provides families or individuals with the right options for buying or selling property for a specific purpose. It is similar to freehold property and is very similar to apartments that require free payment for the property maintenance & the common areas.

Usufruct Properties

One of the vital aspects that need to be considered while purchasing a property in Dubai is the evaluation of buying needs for personal or investment purposes. The kind of property has the motive of identifying the personal properties in Dubai & the UAE.


Dubai is not only the destination to do business but to spend quality time using the worldly amenities on Dubai apartments. The real estate market is very popular and there are huge benefits to select such an industry for investment. A thorough assessment is needed to check the market demands and that will assist the buying of Dubai apartments at a good rate. Rest assured of getting the best assistance from a top-rated real estate company in Dubai with relevant experience. Make most of the available opportunities and buy a suitable property in Dubai at a good rate.